Made A Short Experiment Track Tonight

in hive-193816 •  3 months ago 

Song's called Slunk Ward. Got myself to bring out the keyboard tonight and try more stuff out on it. I came up with a little experiment thing. I'm excited to make the experiments happen. I'm working on some drum stuff to make another sound. Tonights done now, going to go to bed after this. I am able to use the full functionality of the software right now so I will make use of it. I still have allot I can learn, it's hard to get out to get away from distractions yet even having a break and getting out for some air can break it up so I can get back to concentrate.

Here is the song

I'm having a visitor come by. I don't want to be losing focus, still want to help him out. Feeling the pinch from isolation so think it may be good for me anyway. I'm up for an adventure I suppose. Even had some weird weather today that was kinda like an adventure. It snowed out during the rain. It was fairly warm just a couple days ago. So I didn't do the usual walk 'cause it was cold. Still got out though, had a coffee. Been telling people about my music being distributed so it's giving me a chance to connect with a few people online a little.

My music is all over the place, also it's all on Bandcamp too

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WOOHOO this is indeed experimental, like it!

thank you so much, I just gotta keep at it

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