Old Love Parade Classic - Techno Friday (1997 til now!)

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Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Remix)

Techno Friday with a true Movement Classic

If you grew up in the 90ies and Germany you could not avoid the Techno movement and the areas of the original creation of tunes such as Frankfurt and Berlin. A major highlight or even kick start was "Love Parade" in Berlin - historic event series - just one tune for your pleasure aligned to the Techno Movement.

Enjoy three versions - all fantastic and dancefloor killers!

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Achja das waren auch noch Zeiten.
Die Loveparade hätte nie aus Berlin weggehen sollen.

Sven Väth - 2000 Love Parade - in da Mix - been there! Gile das "Viva logo" lol

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Loving the LOVE parade! When everything goes crappy just get up and DANCE!!