Some House Tunes for the Music Community

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Today some House Music on Steemit

Some of my favourite music community tags of the past included Dance Weekend and Wednesday House - due to its broad approach. House is an open genre at least the way we use it here - music to build bridges and to unite communities. So please consider joining this weekly opportunity created by @andyjaypowell called Wednesday House all week as well as Dance Weekend if you lik - no pressure though.

De la France - le Godfather of EDM - David Guetta

Today some commercial house (or dance, edm, pop) music by one of the most successful producers and "DJ's" alive. Listen to the "grandseigneur de la France pour musique popular" with my favourite song supported by Kelly Rowland in various mix versions.

About David

Pierre David Guetta started quite late when he co-founded Gum Productions and by releasing their (he has two co-owners) first album in 2002. With the song of this post and the related album "One Love" he made the step to global recognition. This was when he achieved mainstream success. The rest is more or less history - Guetta is probably one of the paid DJs around the world. He is recognised as one of the first EDM DJs - hence his title "Grandfather of EDM".

Kelly Rowland - did you know she sold more records as Guetta?

The magic Kelly is probably known to most of you as a member of Destiny's child - girl band that sold over 60 million records worldwide - David Guetta is at 30 million "only" at the moment. Even as solo artist Kelly sold over 40 million records in addition! She is not only a great singer and gorgeous she also writes songs and is a known TV personality and actress in the US.

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