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Due to the lack of attention of my own community, ‘Alternative Weekend’ I will be using @uwelang’s more general Music community going forward.


I don’t see the point in beating a dead horse, or even a horse that barely drew breath.

This weekend which is almost upon us (Friday night is weekend), I present you with yet another trio of songs which you have probably never heard of (well maybe the last one you have).



Thin Air – Anathema (We're Here Because We're Here - 2010)

Until I sought out the video for ‘Thin Air’, a tune I picked up when listening to Anathema’s best album, ‘We're Here Because We're Here', I had no idea it was part of the soundtrack to the movie, 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'

Looking further into this I figured this was quite impossible. The movie is from 2004, and the song 2010. So someone made a video for it; well it fits quite nicely.


Thin Air is the opening track from their most classic of the newer albums, and the bands were due to perform a series of concerts this year celebrating 10 years. I guess all that is now cancelled.

As with several of Anethema's songs it lacks a chorus. Who says chorus/verse songs are the best? Remember Abba’s, ‘The Winner takes it all’, there’s another one for you and an undisputed classic.



Love Like Blood – Killing Joke (Night Time - 1985)

Doom and gloom band Killing Joke did not have much success before releasing this song which is more of the same. Fortunately, this one had more of a kick than their previously dreary releases.

I do remember the band reaching the lower spectrum of the top 40 in the early eighties and even gracing 'Top of the Pops'.


That salute of Jaz Coleman the vocalist during the chorus of this songs' video somehow reminds me of a Nazi salute for some reason. Maybe the character acting promotes it somehow?

It was thanks to fellow, ‘no personality’ RobC, cracker of Atari 800 games extraordinaire that I got a listen of this one which somehow churned itself into my musical brain.

On the occasion that I could get him away from literal hex editing code without any pause, he did have a decent musical taste…, that is beside the Bauhaus.



Mirrorball - Elbow (The Seldom Seen Kid - 2008)

I have tried very hard to like Elbow but their sound just doesn't get into me. Several other people, I have spoken to have regarded the band as a second-rate modern progressive outfit.

The Seldom Seen Kid' apparently is their standout album, but I found it quite dull. More poignantly I find vocalist, Guy Garvey's voice' not unlike Chris Martins' of Coldplay which is monotonous and grating. I guess that comment is not going to be too popular.


An old colleague of mine who I have a lot of respect for, even concerning his musical tastes linked this one on Facebook some time ago.

Granted it does have something, but hardly lifts me into the realms of musical orgasms in a way the older ‘real’ progressive tunes do.



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Thanks man for using our music community - great stuff. I personally remember the 80ies when I saw Killing Joke also feature in German TV shows.

New Order was a cool band of these days - do you consider them as "alternative"? @slobberchops

Thanks man for using our music community - great stuff.

I may as well, there's only me and one post by @steevc ever been in 'Alternative Weekend'. The major communities should flourish I say!

New Order was a cool band of these days - do you consider them as "alternative"?

I do consider them alternative and was a huge fan of the fallout of the former Joy Division. I preferred Barney's band and remember playing Substance to death. My daughter has now nicked my double-CD. She does have good taste for a 16-year old.

I guess we do have something in common after all?

Thanks mate - I also have some communities no one hardly posts to :-).

New Order is cool - Blue Monday is one of my top 10 ever songs, can play it every day.

I bought the 12' in 1983 and almost wore it out. The bad side-effect is that I cant listen to it anymore... not because of the record being in shreds.. my head can't take it anymore.. overplayed... :(

Yeah - I have some similar one. I bought in 1982 a "red vinyl 45er" of Yazoo "Don't Go" - one of my all time favs but difficult to listen to nowadays. Vince Clark is a killer guy.

I bought 'Don't Go' on 7' at the time. I was obsessed with the charts in 1982. The 'B' side to 'Only You' contained 'Situation'. Did you ever hear this?

It got very popular in the clubs, and I'm betting you know about it.

Vince was awesome!

Yes man - I also bought this vinyl single (white cover I remember). Situation would be the real "A" side.

I guess we do have something in common after all?

No doubt on that one

I was just about to post in the alternative music community. I am going through the ones I am subscribing to, but I will not beat a horse. That is cruelty! Might do a Alternative music post sometime though.

There seemed little point in using it, with just me posting there! I made contact with @uwelang and his community is much more vibrant. May as well use that now.

I do welcome your music content though, I am going to ramp mine up a little. Too much politics talk and more real stuff I say.

Thanks mate and happy to see your stuff in my community too lovely @katharsisdrill - we need a bit more variety there,

Never heard of any of those. I might have to check them out. Sorry your community wasn't picking up the way it should have. Hopefully you can find a good home in the new one!

Well, not everything works out. I feel at home in the big music community!

Killing joke! I would have been 18 when this tune was released, I would say it was off my radar back then I was getting into early dance music while still having a thing for ska and punk era. These days tunes like "Life like blood " really work for me how our tastes change, slightly more radio friendly than some of their other stuff but a banger of a tune.
Elbow I also have struggled with I would rather Guy stuck to working as a DJ for 6 music.
Coldplay this is a term myself and a friend use to describe shit bands or people with bad taste in music.

Everyone's taste is different, and I know mine is a little weirder than most. I'm listening to some old goth tracks now hoping to hear something but it's not happened yet.

I loved 'Love like Blood' back then, and it's still on my old 80's playlist. I used most of my music content up over the last 2 years on STEEM, so I am looking for new good tunes and bands to write about.

I'll have a think over next day or so, I have a pretty eclectic taste and would like throw my penny's worth in, already too late to put brain power to, sleeping is my next big move.

I have listened to some Elbow, but they do not particularly inspire me. I would put them in a similar box to Coldplay of bands that offend the least number of people and so have wide appeal. They also appeal to an older audience who have the money.

I was aware of Killing Joke and this song, but not sure I heard much more. Sounds very much of its time.

They also appeal to an older audience

That should be us! but both of us are hearing little. The bloke who sent me the link is older than me, but even he's not a great fan. This is them at their finest I guess.

Yes, but some of us still crave something different. I can appreciate simple pop, but I also like prog and Philip Glass and Bach and other weird stuff.

I would like to props for all three tracks but unfortunately I am unable to launch second one. First is well known from the great movie and last sounds pretty nice. Good for chilling.

Hello on the board of the Music Community ;)

It could be your browser, or in some cases location. If you a using Windows, try the second one from Edge. It works for me.

A year ago, everything worked.. these new browsers are a pain in the arse. I'm using Brave and none of them work.

Hello on the board of the Music Community ;)


I just needed to open it in the new window. Problem Solved !

Good grief, I know not a one! I shall listen to them later when the kids have bade farewell!

Well.. that's terrible.. or is it? no, it's good as I'm picking weird stuff that you have never heard before and may open doors of musical delights to you!

I am about to see if my door ls are gonna be opened!

I might have to do some wilder stuff for you. I know you're into the noiser stuff!

Just a tad yes. I do love nothing better than some chuggy guitars!