Alternative Weekend: Tunes while Washing the Dishes

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We don’t own a dishwasher, the reason being we don’t have space for one.

As a negative side effect, we need to wash the dishes when the dirty stack gets too big. As @bingbabe is working that means I have to do it.


No biggie except it's really boring and music is a must when having to do mundane crappy jobs like this, and loud too.

The neighbour has hired some tree cutters and they are making a right old racket outside. That means I must turn the music up even higher.

Too high and @dismayedworld has a go at me. Sigh, I just can’t win. I could never have a go at my father for cranking up the sound.

Long songs are a must if you don’t want to be in and out changing the tunes too often.

Jacobs Ladder – Rush (Permanent Waves - 1980)

So let’s start with something that’s 40 years old. When I was 20, a tune from 40 years ago would be Glen Miller and his big band or something.

I know @bozz is a fan, but that is strict 'dad' music to me. I wonder if @dismayedworld thinks the same about classic Rush.


Coming in at over 7 minutes this one fits nicely into the first section of the dirty plates. There is an amazing guitar solo that starts around 1:20. Alex Lifeson is just a guitar god.

Now I need to continue on washing instead of doing air guitar to my dog who ritually ignores me whenever he sees this.

Deadman – Karnivool (Sound Awake - 2008)

Sound Awake is one of the albums that is a slow grower. Deadman is not one of my favourite tracks but the internet popularity charts show Deadman is high on the list.

I hear a little more every play and sooner or later it will sink in. Karnivool is an Australian progressive, alternative band that gets little attention.


I’m waiting for them to tour the UK and I will likely go and see them if it happens. At 12 minutes this one was great for completing my first set of dishes.

This is real progressive stuff, meandering around all over the place. That’s why I’m having issues with it.

Citizen Erased – Muse (Origin of Symmetry - 2001)

How I struggled with Origin of Symmetry while discovering Muse as late as 2010. I was never quick on the draw when it comes to finding music.

I still ascertain this is Muse at their finest. Showbiz had a few moments, but this is masterful.

This is another long song that fits my criteria of the day. That guitar at the start still grates my ears a little though.

Revelation - Spocks Beard (V – 2000)

If wouldn't be me if I didn't add something a bit weird into the mix.

Spocks Beard (who got their name from the Star Trek Kirk episode 'Mirror Mirror') are a progressive band from Los Angeles.

'V' is supposed to be one of their better albums and they have a vast back catalogue, most of it I have not heard.


Revelation fools you into thinking it’s an easy listening track, one you could float down the river on a barge too.

Then the guitars come in and wreck it all depending on your perspective. I find it an interesting attempt at genre mixing.



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I used to absolutely hate Rush, but I really appreciate them now. I am glad too. It is a shame that I missed out on so much time I could have been listening to them.

There are some songs and bands I hated when they were prominent, which I have reversed on too. Maybe it's an age thing?

The Smiths are one, depressing were my thoughts then, massively original and humorous I think now.

When it comes to the Smiths I think the tongue in cheek flew over a lot of peoples heads, the melancholic delivery is all they heard, loved them then and still think Morrissey pumps out some great albums to this day. Muse I have had a love hate relationship with, showbiz and Origin of symmetry I have always loved but unlike the many blackholes has never really done it for me. A great live band having seen them twice, first in London with Skunk Anansie in their early days then some years later at Reading festival. I also have a demo EP they produced in cornwall the cover was made by pushing their faces onto a photo copier. I think it was very limited and maybe worth a bob or two. Had to get image from discogs as all my hard copies are back in the UK. Be safe dude


Black Holes... it's very patchy but retains a little of what they once were. How about Absolution? I found it very easy to get into.

Absolution also a great album just didn't want to be listing their whole back catalogue, to be fair when I saw them at Reading festival they smashed it whatever albums the tunes came from, totally awesome live band.

I kind of liked the "Spock's Beard" tune. Reminded me a little bit of Planet P Project Pink World album, als0 for some strange reason of Mazzy Starr no clue why it just did, a little bit of "The Church" in there also and one I'll share, of Mike and the Mechanics, It seems to me his Silent Running song could be almost called prophetic with what the governments are doing to people around the world now-a-days.

I had forgotten 'Silent Running'. Being a massive Genesis fan, I do know of it.. it was a single if I remember righty.

I had similar hard beginnings with Muse but always something pushed me to come back to them and continue listening until I completely get lost in their music. Thanks for a great reminder. Starting from Muse, I will check the the whole playlist, even beside that I have a dishwasher and don't need to spend so much time in kitchen ;)

Not having a dishwasher does have its limited benefits.