HIVE Challenge - TEN Albums That Changed my Life!

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Everyone by now must have seen the Facebook thing that’s going around, an album cover every day for 10 days?


A couple of people on HIVE have posted their 10 covers but we do it a little better with some written dialogue because we are writers and they ‘probably are incapable of such things’.


It seems the Facebook lot are now on to favourite books. Is this what its come to due to social isolation?

As there’s bugger all else to do and just because I’m copying @steevc and @stephenking989, here are the albums that changed my life, with just a little dialogue.


Duke – Genesis (1980)

It’s not my favourite album by the band, that goes to ‘Wind and Wuthering’, but this one really caught my ear and made me a lifelong fan.


I remember countless hours of playing golf on my own humming 'Behind the Lines'. I was a sad bastard in those times.


Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd (1975)

I was very late on the Floyd bandwagon hearing this one around the mid-eighties and the rest of the back catalogue at late as 2008.


This one is still my favourite and quite timeless.


Radiohead – The Bends (1995)

The Bends brings back so many memories of my time when I just started contracting around 1996.


My flatmate at the time started playing it and I got reeled into the jagged guitar sounds of some tunes, and harmonies of others.


The Sundays – Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic (1990)

So this is where you start going, who? The Sundays were an indy band who didn't want to be famous, only made THREE albums, and have now disappeared from the music scene.


I was in love with Harriet Wheeler’s voice, and they got more airplay in the USA. I have heard their music being played in shopping malls stateside.


Biffy Clyro - The Vertigo of Bliss (2003)

Finally something from the current decade! The masterpiece was a bastard to crack but fantastic once spilled and I could understand all that gooeyness inside.


One to persevere with, as it sounds quite alien to the uninitiated. It’s not progressive but with all the strange changes of direction within each song, it may as well be.


Porcupine Tree – In Absentia (2002)

I am going to limit my TEN to one per band or artist or there would be more Genesis and definitely more of these guys.


Deadwing was a strong contender for the band I never saw as they broke up before I discovered them in 2015.

One of the few bands I have ever listened to and the music sank in right away, a true rarity.


Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing (2014)

There was no way I would miss the vocalist and songwriter of Porcupine Tree from my list.

The progressive masterpiece competes with anything recorded by the gods of prog in the seventies.


A true work of modern musical art and one of the few current artists I still follow. Just listen to that solo close to the end.


Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas (1990)

So back to the weird shit and they don't come much stranger than the Cocteau Twins. Yet another band I discovered far too late, but not one to see live by all accounts.


Their music is too harmonized for a live performance. It is far better suited for the studio. Cherry Coloured Funk has been heard on some TV jingles.


Rush - Hemispheres (1978)

I bought this because the album cover looked cool and discovered an awesome band. If you love 20 minute long songs about space and sphinxes then this is your thing.


Add some guitars, actually a lot of guitars, and crank up the sound.


Muse – Origin of Symmetry (2001)

It would be unfair to say this is Muse before they went crap, but after 'Black Holes', I really lost interest.


Some of their old albums were quite accessible (Absolution) but this one was a tough bastard to get into.

Like a lot of those types, I found it to be the best, once cracked open.


That’s my ten and I know I have missed a few. So is anyone else up for sharing their TEN?

How about @bozz, @verhp11, @uwelang or anyone else? I challenge you to reveal the albums that changed your life!

If you do then remember to use the MUSIC Community here!

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Cool initiative. Hope this is gonna spread through HIVE. We have more than a handful of users posting about music, their own, or as a music fan. And agree, some (to more) writing is essential since we are on a blogging platform here :) So, be prepared, I plan to compile my list of 10 albums and share, probably this weekend, sometime. Great initiative!

Excellent, I will look for your post in the Music community! Only @bozz so far has done another one since I posted this.

Cool, have invited another user to post his top 10 collection: @themagus

Thankfully @edje sent me over here... excellent post but even better ... some new artists for me to explore. Rush are a good band but they tire me after a while... I find the vocalist a tad 'one dimensional' but they definitely form part of my playlists on all my media.

One of the highlights of the 70's and 80's vinyl is the cover art ...

The cover art was great, but now 12' are consigned to vinyl stores we don't see too much now.

Hope you find something of interest, I know music is entirely subjective and we can't understand why someone else 'doesn't get our tastes', that's just the way it is!

Hey, is good we all have different tastes... imagine if only Mozart sold records.... or we all loved the same ONE woman?? What a sad world this would be.

Man spanning all the decades here. Cool list!

A couple I am familiar with, but most new to me. Cool idea!

This looks like one I can get my teeth in to, I'm having a day or so off of Hive my brain needs a break from it. It sometimes feels like a lot of effort for little return, when you spend hours editing photos and writing for very little response or engagement. Hopefully the break will refuel me and i'll come back with a banger. Be safe dude

It can get like that sometimes. I take breaks for it too. My posting level has decreased lately as what I want to write about.. I can't due to this virus thing.

Thanks for challenging mate - i might do this soon. Love the Pink Floyd one and also Rush. Lemme check my album past. Re-Hiving

...'and I thought you were just into that dancey kind of music'...

not totally, my background is hard rock from the end 70ies - my all time favourite (do not laugh) is Foreigner - Lou Gramm best voice of rock history :-).

No, no , no ..."Foreigner - Lou Gramm best voice of rock history" ... Paul Rogers of Bad Company, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame have him beat in my opinion. {grin}

Hey @themagus - I would not say one os better but to admit, the other two are also one my favourite list close behind Lou :-).

I was actually listening to Foreigner while working out this morning .... I grew up with that stuff.

The seventies... the decade of the best music ever, and Foreigner were cool, nothing to laugh at there!

Cheers buddy - you rocked my day with that

Rush and Hemispheres is one I can really relate to. Love it

Yeah Hemispheres rocks, I still love it!

A few there I could have chosen. There's been so much good music over the last 40 odd years.

Yeah I know what you mean, there's just so little new good music. I'm hoping to hear some new stuff from the younger crowd.

There is good new stuff out there, but you have to seek it out. I just don't find much time for that, but I am open to any good music. I've discovered a fair bit through people sharing stuff on here. I notice I've bought a lot on Bandcamp in the last few years.

I mentioned this one recently, but I know it will resonate with you. Very much like some Floyd with a great solo and it's brand new.

Maybe we should do another of these that can only include music from the last ten years.

If this were 10 Taylor Swift songs, I think I might have been able to relate.

Very nice! I don't know if I could even pick 10. It would definitely be very hard. I will be thinking about it though and see what I can come up with.

As a music lover, it was tough to pick ten. I know I have missed some I shouldn't, but the major ones are all there. Hope you can do one.

Such music!! I like a few of the above :0)

So this challenge is only for old people who bought cds or vinyls? :P

Yeah, under 12's are not allowed!

Haha, thank god. I am allowed then! :D

A couple of people on HIVE have posted their 10 covers but we do it a little better with some written dialogue because we are writers and they ‘probably are incapable of such things’.

You got me there I noticed some covers on Facebook indeed. But will think about this during the week and create a post with my 10 albums.

But now back to your list! Awesome list, could have chosen some albums myself! Love it that I don't even know all the artists, thanks for that. Gonna listen to the Sundays. Really never heard of them, and the same for the Cocteau Twins. There will be some new artist in my Spotify playlists the next days during work.🙌

Still it isn't only the music that was better back in the days, but even the album covers where so pleasing for the eye😍

I am going to limit my TEN to one per band or artist
Didn't you cheat a bit with Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson😈🤘

Oh and you got a new music community member 😉

Haven't seen you in a while, are you feeling OK now?
Yeah, I did cheat with Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, but I am a massive fan.

Sorry took a while for a decent reply... health is still going up and down. Today I'm feeling Ok again. But passed out recently while walking the stairs. Can tell you I didn't feel great afterwards😉 But trying to do more and more slowly. Just before Covid lockdown the cardiologist advised me to start running again (slowly). Just to stay as fit as possible. So during the good days I'm back at running again. Consumes a lot of energy but hey I'm active on the beach so that's all that counts🙌 Also the break from all the hospital appointments was positive for my mental state, now got a lot of positive energy again to restart the tests. Just need to wait till the hospitals get in contact with me again.

How are you doing?

Already made the list with my albums, need to finish the post so expect it any day now😎

excuse me, I'm intrested in applying my 10c on the said challenge, but I really dont see the guides/rules. and -- am I eligible for that only if i'm nominated? thanks!

There are no rules, and anyone can take part