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Strange feeling - was writing so often about Hivemind when waiting for this community features - and now we have across the corner - i might be too old lol

I am a bit insecure what the future will bring for our community - fingers crossed it will be better, more fair and rewarding the good content creators. Which is only a part of the blockchain - will there be a Hive(it) too? lol

DApps will be key - content / community platform most visible

That is one of the issues - community things is what I always support, still not sure if we need this social media content platform that "rewards" posts - will never be fair as depending on the voting guys - open for manipulation, as humans are humans.

But - Music Community - Somce Commercial Dance / House for you guys today

Will the Music Community still be engaged also on!?

Hiya Music Lovers - exciting times here - just let us have some Music Fun again. Another try to engage with our small but cool (Dance) Music Blockchain Community. I will consider again to reward people for engaging and showing their music - maybe with the option of steem-bounty or hive-bounty* to reward interaction about the music tags below. We had Techno Friday, Dance Weekend, Wednesday House, Rap Thursday and more. If people are engaged here I will do Bounty campaigns again.

What do you think Music Community?

Would you be engaged and interested to push some music throughout the blockchains of the world? Let us go today with a combination of Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek, Wednesdayhouse by @andyjaypowell and see if there is interest. In the past we rewarded over 300 Music addicts for their engagement. Get ready and interact around Music - no major rules but we insist on original text at least.

As a reminder - below the relevant music tags I will support moving forward with bounty and join rewards moving forward IF I see interest.

So - my tracks of the week on Engagement Reward Music Community Post is an epic drum disco track from a duo out of Denmark - dance to Safri Duo and their Played-A-Live. As some links can not be viewed in all countries around the world I have included also a Vimeo link above.

Please also check the following awesome music addicts on Steemit

Awesome folks like me (lol) that offer also their own music project initiatives on our platform. These music experts always provide quality content - just comment if I forgot someone - am compiling a list on all music community guys moving forward (the most recent ones I found are added on top)

@edje aka @qsounds

Music tags, initiatives, projects and contests

Thanks to @edje please find below also several music tags you might consider to visit ( check his profile - he is an awesome music curator).

30 Days Music Challenge by @verhp11 (more info)
Album Cover Contest by @calisay (more info)
Art Explosion by @juliakponsford (more info)
ArtOnIt Art Contest by @vera.carla (more info)
Artzone by @artzone (more info)
Bad Karaoke Contest @simgirlandsnook (more info)
Bands About Bands by @misterro (more info)
Battle of the Educators by @novili (more info)
Beat Battle League by @chiefmappster (more info)
BlockMountain Community Project by @blockmountain (more info)
Castle Party @katrina-ariel (more info)
Chord Challenge by @antminer (more info)
Classical-Music Curation by @classical-radio (more info)
Composer of the Week by @classical-radio @bengy (more info)
Cover a Steemian by @pechichemena (more info)
Cypher Challenge by @falseyedols (more info)
Cypher Jam by @termitemusic (more info)
Dance Contest by @donatello (more info)
DSounds Weekly Contest by @thexreposts (more info)
Free Mix of Song by @askeb (more info)
Freewrite House by @freewritehouse (more info)
Fundthemusic tag by @kennyskitchen (more info)
Get a Record by @seveaux (more info)
Google Song Maker Contest by @heymattsokol (more info)
Horns Up Saloon by @lk666 (more info)
Isaria’s Weekly Music Curation by @isaria (more info)
iTalent Contest by @ivan.atman (more info)
Karaoke Contest by @killerwhale (more info)
KPH’s Song Competition by @kph (more info)
Kill the Pad Challenge by @jamesgetsit (more info)
Lyrics Writing Competition by @edprivat (more info)
Mike’s Monthly Mastering Giveaway by @harrisonmir (more info)
Monday Mixtape by @hardikv (more info)
MSP Music & Art Curation by @msp-music (more info)
Music Colors by @recordpool (more info)
Music Discovery Week by @conradt (more info)
Musical Poetry Contest by @unusualconcept (more info)
Musicvoter by @musicvoter (more info)
My Life in 8 Songs Radio Show by @pennsif (more info)
Name That Melody by @afrosiab @jhonni17 (more info)
Needle On Your Record Radio show by @d-vine @onemedia @seveaux (more info)
Now Playing Curation by @nowplaying-music (more info)
Open Mic by @luzcypher (more info)
Photo Game Star Contest by @photogames (more info)
Pitchperfect by @alejandra23 (more info)
Play It Loud by @detlev (more info)
Rap Challenge by @rondonson (more info)
SMA Feedback Contest by @inthenow (more info)
Steem Music Community by @perennial (more info)
Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volumes by @soundlegion (more info)
Steemit House Mix Collaboration by @youareyourowngod (more info)
Steemit Music League Challenge by @chiefmappster (more info)
Steem Music Nigeria by @steemmusicng (more info)
Steemit Music Review by @scuzzy (more info)
Steemit Record Pool Contest by @recordpool @djlethalskillz (more info)
Steemit Talent Contest by @donnaincancun (more info)
Steemit’s Best Classical Music Roundup by @classical-music @remlaps (more info)
Teardrops by @teardrops @surpassinggoogle (more info)
Untalented-Singsong by @surpassinggoogle (more info)
Vibrations by @recordpool (more info)
Write From my Music Contest by @fireawaymarmot (more info)

Special Music Tags To Visit

#classical-music by @remlaps
#danceweekend by @uwelang
#discotuesday by @musicgeek
#metalweekend by @detlev (see also "Play It Loud" above)
#mondaymixtape by @hardikv (see also "Monday Mixtape" above)
#mondaytrance by @andyjaypowell
#rapthursday by @flipstar
#rockclassics by @uwelang
#wednesdayhouse by @andyjaypowell

Sources: Wikipedia and YT

Check the Music Community on Hive - join here

Music community

Project descriptions via Wikipedia

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I've been pretty disengaged from posting music on here the way I used to. Going to give Hive a chance to have that spark that made me want to use this platform to begin with.

Uuaah! Thank you for info! I like music I like techno, dance oldschool trance and house. Good to see music community!

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Safri Duo is good! Thanks for sharing this link to their song!