Three Years Dance Weekend on Steem


Over Three Years Dance Weekend on the Steem Blockchain

I am too stupid to find out the exact date of the first Dance Weekend I started on this lovely blockchain - but three years are a small milestone for me here. At the beginning I was trying to start Live DJ events on-chain but this was a bit difficult. See the first Dance Weekend post at the end of the post.

Perfect track to start a DJ set (Trance)

This tune here is a classic I first heard DJ Dag (from Frankfurt) playing - love that sound, ideal start for a great dance evening, followed by one of my favourite 90ies Techno Tracks - good old times. Feel free to comment if you are interested in more of such sounds moving forward either here or directly in the new music hivemind community.

During my music tryouts here we saw a lot happening on the blockchain, several hard forks, people come and go - the last months have been very encouraging with developments such as Mira, progress on SMTs and hivemind (communities). I am confident we will see a great future for this chain with all the great DApps working. The masses will come and all of us being here now will benefit.

Here the announced first Dance Weekend post

Please check the link and especially the comment section - it was fun and I would to have more or at least similar engagement here on posts around music. Steem on!

Steemians, can we move our body assets to some music? Come on it is weekend and we should dance bit.

From various posts you might know I used to work as a DJ in the Techno space but we can also have some fun wth different other Dance Tunes I hope? Hard to play DJ sets on such a platform, the engagement is not the same as on set but let us move our old bones a bit. If you like various style from 80ies until now please consider to pump up the volume of your laptop speakers :-)

Let's get started with some Discotheque tunes from Sweden, Alcazar (2000)

ATC - project from Germany with dancers from the UK - commercial tunes but ok to dance, right? (2000)

Faithless, Insomnia from the lovely UK (1996)

Robert Miles, Children from Italy (1995)

Snap, Rhythm is a Dancer from Germany (1992)

Visage, Fade to Grey from the UK (1981)

If you like some of this feel free to post some great tunes using tag #danceweekend and #music - if you hate this feel free to comment with "Bollocks or "Stop this" but i will still post my music lol

Entry photo source Pixabay - Free for commercial use

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its already 3 years ? nice man ! respect for your work

I just sent you some ATOM tokens as a thank you for supporting music on STEEM.

Earn ATOM tokens listening to independent music on

Thanks a lot - still not sure what I can do with these tokens but sure will find out.

Visage, Fade to Grey from the UK (1981)

Nice tune