Game Status...Rising Star..... 26/09... Play And Earn...

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Hello all Music Lovers....

Rising Stars.....

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star!


I love the game and making my position in the game slowly but steadily.
Last day not able to play much. Till now earned 73876 Starbits which has a current Value of approximately 35.49 Hives on Hive engine.




Total Mission Completed - 611
Illegal Busking - 358
Open Mic Night - 58
Mid Week Support - 47
Licensed Busking - 11
Midweek Headline Slot - 95
Saturday Support - 15
Saturday Headline - 27

If you are not playing the game and wanna earn starbits token then you can use my referral link

Thanks for stopping by...

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Awesome post!!!!

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