Smokin in the boys room...

in hive-195708 •  2 months ago 

Good morning y'all today starts off another week.. this time in the DFW area... I haven't really found a good smoking spot yet so for now I'm hiding in the bathroom where I have the exhaust fan working overtime..


Smokin in the boys room..

Peace out y'all... Dave



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Nice, what weed sort is it?

I don't remember.. I've just been dumping it in the jar as I buy it.. several different kinds

Always an adventure hey Dave! I don't recall the pipe's name. Best of luck out there pounding pavement. ✌🏼🧡☀️🌱

Cheech... unfortunately less than 1 hour later I dropped it and broke it.. 🤬😡

Whoops!! Bugger 👎🤣

Is that Frenchie?

$2500 in 4 days is not bad. You can do it!

Nope. Frenchie surrendered to Emily

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A conducive place to smoke still in search