Using the new pipe..

in hive-195708 •  2 months ago 

Good morning y'all today I'm using the new pipe Beth bought.. mostly because yesterday @richardcrill and I used all the rolling papers and in true stoner fashion I keep forgetting to buy more..


Let's get high..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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It is morning bowls like these you needed the solo pipe. The coolest pipe in the whole world!!! Put it on your bucket list Dave, Smoke one with me and the solo pipe. I will even bring out Slim Shady too ;-). He can join us!
solo pipe.jpg

Right on enjoy that bowl and don't smash another one.

Maybe instead of surrendering the pipe when you have to hit a new town, you smash it large like a greek wedding? OOOOPAAAAHHHHH!

Hmmmm... you know I'm not Greek tho

If you are going to smash, you may as well do it in grand style!

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