Captain's Cake

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Hybrid Strain: Captain’s Cake

Indica dominant 70% - Sativa 30 %

average THC level 17-21%

This one here is said to have been created from a mix between Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG.


Sweet and nutty, somewhat vanilla flavor to it.

Though the flavor and scents with the Captain's Cake cannabis strain can vary.


It is an indica option so it has been known to prompt a few naps and make you feel relaxed and perhaps a bit tired.

Great option for a night strain.

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That looks fire!

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Thst looks delicious bro! I love it 😍😘

that looks very nice :) covered in snow

Hello @doitvoluntarily, enjoy your smoking. THC level of 17-21% is the best level for me.

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This green strain looks very good 😋😋👌🍰