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Communities are here and I have a few questions about the changes.

I was reading through this post here that talks about the progression of eventually dropping the use of old tags for communities and I wonder are tags now pointless? Pointless in that they no longer work?

For example, I recently posted using the weedcash tag but when I go to that community through I cannot see my post?

Are followers still able to see posts of those who they follow regardless if that post didn't have the proper community tag?, if that post only contains 'old tags' and no new hive #s?

Is it only beneficial to use community identification hive #s instead so that your post shows up in those communities?

Going forward, should posts only be created by going to a certain community (through steemit first if you are using that option) and clicking 'new post' rather than creating it the old way by going to the top right pencil icon?

Are there any good resources available to understand communities more?👀haven't found any yet.. Please post them below if you have them, for those who can still see this post

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I would suggest dropping steemit and moving over to steempeak. they really are the best front end. you can see that you post to communities or all post. you could still post to weedcash front end or other front ends as well and they should post right to that community.

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I think most of the confusion is because of the combination of tribes and communities. I could be wrong here, but I think tags and hive# tags can still be used to post to multiple tribes and communities respectively. If you post from it will automatically post it to the weedcash community. If you want it to show in multiple communities, you could add more hive # tags. If you want it to post to multiple tribes, you still just use the regular tags. I haven't tried posting to multiple communities with multiple hive# tags yet, so I could be mistaken if someone wants to correct me on that part.

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I know on stempeak they have it so you can cross-post to another community. I am thinking they are going to be trying to get all pot inside communities only much like reddit

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I truly hope no one is thinking of dropping tags, although I see they aren't showed in interface anymore, but I expect that to be just because @roadscape wants people to focus on communities.

I can see a very good evolution where we can combine communities and tags together.

What we see now about communities is just the beginning. There's more coming. Actually I was hoping for more right now at launch, but I guess roadscape felt more would be confusing, and judging by the reactions, I tend to agree with this position.

But in the future there will be more types of communities. For example, a community where only members can post, not anyone, like now, or a regular tag.

Communities also have a sense of ownership and moderation (not necessarily downvote!), tags don't. That's the main difference with communities so far.

I wanna know all the answers to all your questions too.

When you figger it out, please post on it.

Edit: I read @pennsif's Steem News Post today and found this

Hain't read it yet, but hopeful it helps.

why didn't this show up under "blog?"👀

If it’s posted to a Community, it shows up under Posts rather than Blog.

Posts has all of your posts, Blog has just your non-Community posts and your resteems.

Neither has a Show All option.

Not exactly intuitive.

I notice that today too. I hope we don't have to observe pattern to figure this type of things out.

Neither has a Show All option.

Steempeak has. Instead of "Posts" for community-only posts, it has "All posts" and includes both (without resteems from the blog).

what is the benefit to posting in communities? do more people see it that way? If I post from weedcash network and just use old #tags not the hive one, would it automatically go into the weedcash community on steemit?

These are things I don’t really understand. I hope that @roadscape posts a FAQ about Communities since he’s lived and breathed them.

can you post in multiple communities at one time or is it better to stick with posting to one community?

@steempeak has a couple of recent posts about communities and cross-posting but I haven’t unpacked them yet.

yeah ive read but didn't answer questions, thanks for replying to this!