Grow Updated: Hoping to have the auto chopped in a week

in hive-195708 •  10 months ago 

Grow image-20200327_1.jpg

Grow image-20200327.jpg

Hello Smokers🔥🔥🔥

These pics were as of yesterday. Hoping to have the auto chopped in a week. Was going to chop yesterday but decided to give more time. She’s thickening like crazy so I’m gonna let her keep growing Photos are on day 53. Can’t wait to see how they finish out!

Grow image-20200327-2.jpg

Also, I got my Ardent decarb machine on Monday and I’m so excited to not have to use my inconsistent outdated stove anymore! This has been such an amazing experience and seeing them get this big literally makes me shake in excitement every day I get home. Just opening the tent and looking at them is so calming and peaceful. I’m definitely hooked

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Great looking nugs there man :)

Thanks for stopping by

Looks like that banana peel treatment works eh!

Yes, it really works.