It's Tuesday 17th March 2020! Lockdown in France and time to Be #HIVE. Drop a link to an undervalued post for chance of resteem upvote and tweet

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Hello lovelies! It’s Tuesday 17th March 2020. We are now in a lockdown situation in France, and we are forking out of here! It is time to Be #Hive!

So check out this post by blocktrades

I think most of us have now realised we can’t trust Sun, he won’t work with the community, only against it. So we need to move.

The rats deserting a sinking ship?


A pirate has boarded our beautiful ship and is running around drilling holes in it

So do we keep running after him and plugging the holes, even though he keeps buying more drill bits?

Or do we help build a new ship and help those of us who want to get on board?

I say Fork YOU Sun. Let’s Be #Hive!

I have removed all my delegations for now. Sorry if this has affected you. I am not powering down at the moment.

Good news this morning I became a great uncle for the 5th time. Welcome Rupert to the world everyone!

I hope you guys are well.

Peace and love to you all. Hive on!

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Here are a selection of tweets from yesterday’s STEEMlove selection:

DO NOT use as a front end.

It is currently hostile to the blockchain, and the only reliable people there have resigned in protest at Sun’s move.

My preference is SteemPeak but I also use esteem on my mobile.

Please make sure you vote for OUR REAL witnesses.

We all have 30 votes. Use them. If you aren’t sure what to do the best thing for now is to use a trusted source as a proxy vote. Check out @steemleo’s handy video on twitter

POWER UP any spare STEEM

The more SP you have the more your vote for witnesses counts. Don’t save your Steem for SPUD, power up every day.

As well as Steem upvotes I upvote posts in the following Tribes: #leo, #palnet, #sports, #weed, #marlians and #creativecoin #neoxian #sonicgroove

![) curation accounts:


@steemitbloggers has evolved! We are now the #PowerHouseCreatives





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Supporting the Steem Family
The Alliance
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Join us at the Freewrite House for fun and games!!! Weekly drawing for SBI memberships and so much more!!

I am proud to support the STEEM blockchain!

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