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Hello lovelies! It’s Monday 16th March 2020. I hope you are had a lovely weekend and your week is fabulous.

As you can imagine it is pretty quiet on the streets of a rural French town at the best of times, but it is noticably quieter today. Bars, restaurants and non essesntial shops are closed. Our area is famous for Tapestry (you may have heard of Aubusson Tapestry or carpets) and there is a museum in Aubusson, the town next to ours (currently making a series of tapistries from designs by Tolkien from his book the Hobbit). I was supposed to have a meeting there tomorrow to give them some more stock, but they are closed to visiters so I will go just before they reopen (at least 2 weeks but could be longer).

We have had our first cancellation for B&B rooms in June.

In the UK things are still confused. My mother has dementia and is in a specialist retirement home. So far they don’t seem to have restricted visits. She needs a scan today (to rule out a bloodclot). My brother is trying to get advice as whether it is okay to take her to the appointment (which is most risky? Taking her to a hospital at this point, or not getting the scan?). For her sake and that of the other residents in the home we want to minimise the risks

The Steem stalemate continues but with more interference from Sun. The worry is that this will change our blockchain and devalue the brand further. Perhaps the time to Fork out of here is coming...

I hope you guys are well.

Here are somethings I made last night

What plans have you got for today? And for the weekend?

Peace and love to you all. Steem on!

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DO NOT use as a front end.

It is currently hostile to the blockchain, and the only reliable people there have resigned in protest at Sun’s move.

My preference is SteemPeak but I also use esteem on my mobile.

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Have a good week to you. It is not easy to be positive this week in my island since our economy relies so much on tourism. Time to change, I guess.

First, my recommendation: @wakeupkitty.pal's It's Real, which opens with this awesome premise:

The first manipulated and most healthy fetus in the world. This one could resist every disease, heal itself and had eternal life without getting old. It was a way better invention as the AI and robots many were involved with these days.

Second, I'm trying to switch from Steemit to Steem Auto, but it freezes up on me whenever I enter my password. Nothing happens.


I saved my password in chrome. I copy/paste. I watch for accidental spaces. I never understand.


@Raj808 has tried to walk me through this, but the trouble seems to be using the right password, I think, and I've tried every password I've saved for Steemit.

So I'm still not using Steempeak.

I go to; Steem Apps comes up with this message:
The app is requesting access to view your current account username.
So I enter the password. And NOTHING happens.
The Chrome extensions always scared me off in the past with their permissions to reconfigure stuff, but I decided to take a deep breath and grant it whatever it wants, and still nothing happens.

For a long time I resisted apps and extensions because of this message:

Please leave Steemauto if you don't understand how it works or what it does. You could harm your Steem account if you change settings that you do not understand.

Finally, I tried it, and now the "harm" has apparently been done.

Always have your passwords saved in a word document Carol and back that up!

The password you need to use for that keychain thing is the private posting key.

Also, it needs to have your username in the top area like this:

Screenshot 310.png

So where it says 'Steem password or private key' that is where you paste the private posting key, and the best way to make sure that you make no mistake in the process is to delete any key (you see where the dots are in the password field) that is already in there manually, i.e. just use delete key in there until it is completely blank and then paste the private posting key and hit get started 🙂

Believe it or not, my passwords are in a Word doc, and I've tried every blessed one of 'em, but none get me in.

I'm in!
I posted via Steempeak!
I have NO CLUE what I did different this time around.
Just, somehow, this time, it worked. Thanks Raj!

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