How Do You Measure Your Progress?

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You are doing a lot of things. You work hard. That's great! But how would that impact your end result? Are you making progress as per your work and dedication? You will not be able to know that unless you measure your progress.

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In order to make the right decision and take the necessary steps, you can analyze each task and how it adds value to the end result. You will find something that has little impact, so you can spend less time on that and focus more on something that has a bigger impact.

In this video, I talked about that. Let's watch this video. Please feel free to leave your comment below. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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I have just watched the awesome vlog from @maddogmike and this is like a continuation of his video... This would be "going with the flow" and doing things that "work" and not wasting time on things that don't work...

Sometimes it's hard to recognize what is the thing that brings the most value, but creating small everyday tasks can help... Especially, if you change those tasks after certain time and "test" what works...


@maddogmike makes videos and shares things from his experience. Love it. What would work for you, that might be different from what works for others. So it worths testing and figuring out.

Thank you h@ph1102 for your comment! :)

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