Hua Chenyu Reaction - Here We Are. Gosh, Deep Lyrics, Rap, Rock; Hua Chenyu!

Hua Chenyu Reaction - Here We Are. Gosh, Deep Lyrics, Rap, Rock; Hua Chenyu! In this video, Hua Chen Yu sings at the Strawberry music festival to a live audience and he sings 'here we are' an original composition, producing a scintillating performance, a Hua Chenyu hybrid, made up of rap, rock and deep lyrics. This was my second ever Hua reaction. My first Hua Chenyu reaction being to his rendition of 'I Don't Care' to the same audience.

This isn't a regular reaction video. In it, i pay attention to the person of Hua Chen Yu moreso than just his musical prowess. While i looked to attain some entertainment, i also listen to Hua message, with keen interest in his person, to gain more insight into the state of the world and for my evolution

The lyrics of 'Here We Are (Hua Chenyu) turns out to be very inspirational too. Rock and Rap is a very good combination.

#huachenyu #huachenyureaction #hua

[This was the original video that i have reacted to, incase you want to watch the entire performance. It has an English subtitle for a better understanding of the lyrics for those who speak English. The video is titled '[ENG SUB][FULL Fancam] Strawberry Music Festival - Hua Chenyu 170501 华晨宇上海草莓音乐节全程':

This is a list of all the songs in his Strawberry Music Festival performance, from the album titled 'Aliens':

  1. I Don't Care
  2. Aliens
  3. Here We Are
  4. Quasimodo's Gift
  5. Let You Go
  6. My Skateboard Shoes 2016
  7. Great Sage Equal to Heaven

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华晨宇反应-我们来了。 Gosh,Deep Lyrics,Rap,Rock;华晨雨!在此视频中,Hua Chen Yu在草莓音乐节上向现场观众唱歌,他演唱了“ here we are”原始作品,并制作了令人惊叹的表演,由说唱,摇滚和深沉的歌词组成的Hua Chenyu混合体。这是我第二次对华的反应。华晨宇的第一个反应是对同一个听众表达“我不在乎”。



#huachenyu #huachenyureaction #hua

[[这是我的原始视频,以防您想观看整个表演。它有英文字幕,可以帮助那些说英语的人更好地理解歌词。该视频的标题为“ [ENG SUB] [Full Fancam] Strawberry Music Festival-Hua Chenyu 170501华晨宇上海草莓音乐节全程”:

以下是专辑“ Aliens”中他草莓音乐节表演中所有歌曲的列表:





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