Responding To A 'Black Acres Of The Gambia' Subscriber - Blockchain Tech And Agriculture

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Responding To A 'Black Acres Of The Gambia' Subscriber - Blockchain Tech And Agriculture.

From this video (

...) dedicated to 'Black acres of the Gambia (BAG)', was the emanation of this stream in a bid to respond to a subscriber of BAG who had posed the question 'How Would Integrate Blockchain Technology With Agriculture'.

Below is an excerpt from of my initial text comment-response:

I will think a bit and see if i can do a video. I'll try to use paradigms that arent so popular by world standards, you know, those knowledge derived from the downtoearth like is of prominence in africa and well, existed a bit way back when tech and all that wasn't so advance. I feel this knowledge is so missing from blockchain, tech and innovation in general and why blockchain provides avenues to return to exploring these paradigms, blockchain loses its potency or potential in this regard cos people mostly looking to replay all existing techs and innovation etc mostly in a bid to distribute rewards. So for Agric, i will still maintain some of the basics, like content, a social aspect, mentality etc, tie these things to agriculture then reward it with a digital currency but expand on the scope of rewards by allowing for 'a variety of rewards', propagating other forms of rewards than just money. Agric is certainly something to look at. I don't think any blockchain today has really integrated with agric.

I am young and i live a very very very hard life but even currently in my young life and without many fantasies, i am still able to erupt a fantasy of having a small piece of land where i can isolate in space to create things, nurture these creatures and the self-sufficiency aspect of it. As per content, this in itself is a paradaisic type of content, not much showcased in todays world. A testimony to this is the affinity we are developing for Bag etc. The paradigms in the world is shifting and it is returning downtoearth and to these very simple things. So content will still be at the base of say 'agric and blockchain', serving the search engines incessantly with these types of content, all immutable content too based on all aspects of agric, real, raw and all that. The resulting content can go on to creating its very own internet, then perhaps an app filled humans and agric activities etc. Now rewards are unexplored in blockahin of today, so explore that. rewards with a digital currency, but explore other forms of rewards e.g going back to some old africa and exchange horticulture for fish farming etc. Thinking of this all is can be very beautiful. Now these things arent so hard to start. Just sitting down to ponder on a solid paper. In my case, i write colorlesspapers but i am so so so ill and all that and take care of my sick dad, that is why i resort to doing videos lately but this could give you a small premise. Since it is your dream, you can spark the motion with a small draft then that can be built on with some suggestions depending on if you like some legitimate illiteracy to compliment illiterate knowledge as i am a legitimate illiterate.

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