A Day In Dreams Of Jim Barcelona. Join In Too, Let's Help This Ulogger Build Her Noble Dream!

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Join In, Let's Help Her (A Ulogger) Hailing From The Philippines Build Her Noble Dreams. Jim Barcelona hails from the Philippines and even though she is young, she has grown to have giant aspirations and dreams and just the right mentality to pursue it. Along with her schooling, she works online as a talent manager to raise funds to fend to her regular needs. Doing this, she alleviates some of the load from her mum and plays the role of a grown woman. In this video, she discusses her aspirations of attaining a college education in tourism. She wants to travel the world too and she entertains strong belief in her abilities to accomplish these things. Besides, school she want to venture out on creating her very own dream, something she has already began to figure out as in the near terms she seeks to constitute a source of inspiration to others who dare to dream.
Asking her what she desires in terms of support, she goes on to say that all she desires is directional and incessant inspiration, to incite to stay on track. I offered to provide her with that as a 'true fan'. Then, i go on discuss others ways that i intend to be of help to her.
#ulog #uloggers #philippines

Kindly watch this videos to here the stories and histories of this young woman. The video is a ulog, meaning that it is created fresh, raw and uncut without any preparation or rehearsals. Jim is allow room to be an 'evolving version of herself', flaws allowed.

If you want to help, you can contact: comsilbronze4@gmail.com

You can also become a patreon on: https://www.patreon.com/surpassinggoogle

Kindly vote the ‘steemgigs’ witness!!!

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