Ulog: My Weighty Message To ‘Black Acres Of The Gambia’ Kids And Every Youth.

My Weighty Message To ‘Black Acres Of The Gambia’ Kids And Every Youth. The Bag family currently in the Gambia consists of 4 kids. Each one of them plays a testimonial role in the development of 'Black acres of the Gambia' and its movement, which intends to build a center to empower Africa and connect the diaspora and its resources to the African continent. However, the role in question is a much grander role, meaning that the Bag family kids have
I also discussed my own stories, the wildest things i did as a young child and youth with my parents in mind. My endless desire to give them gifts, bring them 'whispers of good news' etc
I gave some examples of what kids do in a bid to love their parents, things that can't be documented by books. I also spoke of Africa and the dynamics that make up a household with focus on the role of children and especially youths.
Then i spoke of 'black acres of the gambia' and the role that the bag family kids will have to play and are already playing.

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