My Invitation To Search For Uhuru (Dynast Amir) To A Livestream Conversation

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My Invitation To Dynast Amir of the ‘Search For Uhuru’ YouTube channel to a livestream conversation on UloggersTV. In a casual conversation, I will tell him of my perception of him as a true fan and subscriber to his channel and share some general knowledge relating to other ways he can enhance and compliment his movement. I will also discuss how he can use blockchain technology to this effect...these things and more.
#searchforuhuru #search4uhuru #dynastamir

A 30 mins conversation is sufficient. Ofcourse, the resulting video can be re-uploaded onto the ‘search for uhuru’ youtube channel as well for others who may want to see it.

At the end of the video, I say Hi to Prince Adewale in some Yoruba!

My email is

You can read some more about me on

I am a legitimate illiterate.

Your boy Terry

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