Hua Chenyu - Aliens Reaction. Stop Laughing, Listen To ‘Hua Chen Yu’; He Is No Joke!

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Hua Chenyu - Aliens Reaction. Stop Laughing, Listen To ‘Hua Chen Yu’; He Is No Joke! Hua Chenyu hails from China and in this video he takes on the song 'Aliens' in a live performance. Aliens is a second from this album also titled 'Aliens'. Hua Chenyu was at it with deep lyrics, some rock and rap as uses music to create context and inspire his immediate audience and the world at large.
Hua Chenyu has many original songs and this is my third Hua reaction. However, this isn't a regular reaction video. In this session, i pay attention to the person of Hua Chen Yu via his music. I draw inspiration from it and looked to inspire others. Thus, at the end of the video, i reveal a proclamation which i would love you to see.
#huachenyu #huareaction #aliens

This is the original video that i have reacted to. It is titled '[ENG SUB][ Opening Show, The Coming One III] Hua Chenyu Singing Aliens with Explosive High Notes':


Below is a related description.
Contestants of "Crystal Time of The Coming One" will attain their "Strongest Brand Names" through constant progress. Guest mentors include Sun Yanzi, Hua Chenyu, Song Dandan, Long Danni, Mao Buyi, Meng Meiqi. Through tasks, practices, exams, the contestants will grow under the guidance of the mentors and eventually produce the "Strongest Brands."

#huachenyu #huareaction#外星人

这是我反应的原始视频。它的标题为“ [ENG SUB] [开幕表演,即将到来的III]华晨宇演唱爆炸性高音的外国人”:



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