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Good day dear hiveans I am Adenike by name, I am from Oyo state Nigeria, a student of one of the renowned University in my country, University of Ibadan, I am new into the block chain and this is my first time of posting here on hive block chain

I am a Christian,I am a model, an influencer, and I act at times, I am a lover of good things and I love watching football the most, like my name Adenike, which means Ade is Caring, I am kind hearted and very caring am a type of personality that welcomes all and believe in everybody's dream


I joined hive block chain because I was introduced to cypto by my friend and he told me about hive as a posting platform that users create reasonable and valuable contents and get rewarded with hive tokens and hive power

I am study ENGLISH in my University and am very vast about writing, actually writing is life, and since the platform is about creating valuable contents, then that's my skill, so I promise the Hive community that I'll abide by all the rules been set aside for it's members

Here are few of my hobbies
Playing football

Am actually a good cook, I can prepare a lot of local and international dish depends on choice time and funds


I am a fan of Manchester United in the English premier league and a Barcelona fan in the Spanish league, I am a lover of Christiano Ronaldo, Christian Pulisic and a lot more
I hope I'll enjoy my adventure here with lovely people
Thanks for your time

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Welcome to the community. It can be really fun on here if you find time to engage with others. Depending on the topic of your article, there are different communities on the hive blockchain. The stemsocial community is for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, history, architecture, etc related content. There are communities for artists, musicians, poets, stories, etc. Just make sure your articles are posted into the relevant communities.

We also have a thriving Nigerian community on here, hive-naija. You can join our discord here

Welcome and i hope you enjoy your stay


Welcome to the community and hive in general. We all hope you enjoy your time here as we look forward to seeing more of you!🥂