Looking for a little income on the HIVE blockchain.

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Everyone must have the same goal why he chose to join and start writing work on HIVE blockchain which is just to find a little extra income and new experience, because here we not only write content but we also interact with some other HIVE blockchain users both it's fellow community members and platform users who have enlarged them to date.

But we must not forget that here we are not just looking for additional income, but many things we can do here include making new friends, learning to write good content and many other things that you can get if you really seriously pursue as I have gotten so far.

But to get it all we need to wait for the name of the process because it is not easy to achieve something if you do not want to go through a very long process. Likewise with me, I can reach the point as now requires a very long time that is one year later can get what I have targeted before I register my account on steem blockchain because I am sure that someday I can occupy a position in the Steem Blockchain community used to be.

But expecting a little reward from the results of writing on HIVE blockchain is not wrong, because the main goal we join is just to find a little extra income by exploring our hobby of writing content. Someone can get extra income or even their main income from a hobby, for example writing a blog, playing music, playing football and many other hobbies that can just make a main job for someone in finding their main income.

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