My activity when doing self quarantine.

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Each person must carry out different activities when they do quarantine independently because the spread of the Corona virus has been very severe in several countries that have been infected with the virus. I myself do activities at home such as listening to music, watching movies or even doing light exercise at home so I don't feel bored when doing self-quarantine.

Quarantine yourself at home is boring but we still have to do it so as not to be infected with the Corona virus that is spreading widely in Indonesia. So the government decided not to roam in the crowd if there was no interest because it was this that made co-19 easily spread everywhere, making the medical team overwhelmed in treating patients who had been exposed to the outbreak.

Actually there are many things you can do when quarantining yourself at your own home such as writing content, reading, and many other activities that you can do. I spend most of my time writing and watching because it has become my habit both before the spread of the Corona virus outbreak and after the Corona virus outbreak began to spread in Indonesia.

And I also explore the knowledge of cryptocurrency such as mining, trading, stakeholders and other things that can be done using cryptocurrency because I started to be interested in the world of cryptocurrency so I want to explore a little knowledge related to cryptocurrency and other things that can be done with cryptocurrency because it still has plenty of time to learn it.

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