The little boss on hive.

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When you discover your world is not been ruled by you but someone else then there will be every need to step up your game in your world, or rather shut it down and start all over again then make sure you are at the top of the game.
I have never been a boss of my self in all aspect of life where I earn means of living for my self. It has always been Workin from one organization to the other, taking instructions up and down on what to do or qhat not to do, how to do it or how not to do it, time to do it or time not to do it, where to do it or where not to do it.
I have always carry out instructions in those places regardless of wether its convenient for me or or not. But in That case i have no option than to do it as i am only but a person trying to earn means of living. In those organization it has always been work! work!! work!!!
You put in all your strength, you put in all your best just to impress your boss but sometimes those effort seems to be waste as it won't be appreciated. Instead you receive shout, insult and discouragement. This are places where you will work so hard but the pay is so discouraging that you earn a one quarter of the total effort you put in that work.
I discovered what it means to be a boss when I joined the

hive platform

P. This place is more of an organization but a different one to say as it differs from from other organizations where I found my self previously.
I discovered Everyone in this platform is a boss, bosses with different levels as the voting power differs, but it doesn't matter as your level of commitment and passion for what you find your self doing will also take you to the top someday and then you will be counted among the main men. Attainment to the highest level tells how hard working you are. But mind you it doesn't just happen like a magic.

Every successful boss always have a little beginning as even the people with the highest level and rank in this platform just like this for icons on the platform.









These are just but few to mention out of the numerous bosses we have on this platform. They didn't just get to where they are when you take your time to do a small interview you will discover that They all have little beginning.

Why do I call my self the little boss?


Just because i control my Empire in my won little way.

Boss is someone who create an empire and controls it.

As a boss you have a world to rule.
A boss do things at his own pace and at his own convenient time. Things like going to work at his own convenient time he leaves the place at his own convince but in all this he tries not to creat a bad attitude that will affect his organization.
Here on the hive platforme i am not mandated to the time i come to work not even the time i leave . I am not been asked to carry out task when i am not ready to do it. I do things the way i feel is the best and convenient for me. But stimulator is the fact tgat you earn according to the strength, skills and also time you invest into the platform. On like other organizations where you work plenty and earn just little. It's totally different with hive as the bigger you work the bigger you earn and vice versa.
Just like the Nigerians will always say all you need to do is" double your hustle" in a case like this self you can triple your hustle only if you are sure you are capable to do so without any lapses.
I own my world and I will rule it as a boss in the hive community and be counted among the top bosses of this platform.








"rule your world".

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