What Does Hive Mean To Me? Iniciative

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T_MORADA.pngheycallmedan has launched his first initiative in this brand new HIVE house and invites us to share our thoughts about what HIVE is for us. The invitation can be found here.

I_MORADA.pngt is also the first initiative I have participated in here and I am very happy about it. On this occasion I will answer one by one the questions raised in the text of the invitation, just as if I were in an interview.

F_MORADA.pngirst of all, I must say that I am not one of the most informed people in this respect. My answers are only my point of view, based on the limited information I have at the moment.


W_MORADA.pnghat is HIVE to me?

P_MORADA.pngersonally, it is a new house, with the same people. A new opportunity to reorganize and reinvent myself. A blank notebook, in which I have the possibility to restart my blog, from what I had progressed before. A place from which I keep many expectations, opportunities to grow and improve.

B_MORADA.pngeyond me, I think it is a community and a company, with managers who run it and ensure its proper functioning. It must be a safe and sustainable place over time. It is a macro-project that pursues an ideal to satisfy each and every one of its members.

W_MORADA.pnghat do I want to see HIVE evolve into?

A_MORADA.pngt the beginning I was saddened by the "change of brand", but now I'm more excited, because being objective, everyone is where they want to be and everyone has the opportunity to develop what they have in mind. I believe that healthy competition is good, it brings out potential in the individual that he or she otherwise does not need to use.

I_MORADA.png find it interesting to see what each place becomes, how far they can go. That's stimulating and I'm sure it will develop the creativity of those who have the task of bringing about the success of their project.

A_MORADA.pngnd of course I want HIVE to be a solid, stable social network with a strong currency that is always evolving and innovating. Also that there be mutual respect, the fair valuation of each person's work and that there be no vices.

W_MORADA.pnghat do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development

I have no idea about this. I suppose it's a good thing if you mention it, hahaha.


And that was all friends, thank you for being there and Theycallmedan for the initiative.

A hug.


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