What Does Hive Mean To Me? - "The real Steem & Honey Bank of the Cryptosphere"

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What is HIVE to you?

Hive is the real Steem & the Honey bank of the Cryptosphere

I have tried to create this post for over 10 days but couldn't get the right words to describe what hive is to me. Today, the words came through and I knew it was ripe the time I wrote about it.

I can vividly remember two years ago when I heard about steem for the first time. I was so excited to see that content creators could value each other's work and give it some monetary backing. This was one of the strong points which kept me on steem and got me talking about it to everyone that came my way.

I used to tell people that steem is a starter hub for entrepreneurs where anyone with genuine ideas could have his idea developed and get funded by a community of true humans. Sadly, it wasn't long when bots filled everywhere and things changed on steem. Thank God for some unique communities like @Ocd @Steemchurch @Steemstem @Blocktrades @Ulogs @Oracle-d that kept curating humans. They still stayed and have value to steem. Shortly after, I got to know @Theycallmedan who emerged as another true human that gave value to steem. To me, he was another version of @Surpassinggoogle.

Boys made steem messy and suddenly steem list value from $4 I met to $0.12. That was terrible, yet, this pleased the Tron people to seek to graft steem into their ecosystem because it now looked like a shit token.

Steem Hardfork 23 which brought about give to me was like a litmus paper which filtered out true steemians into a new container called https://hive.io to again recover the lost value of steem. This is why I call HIVE "the real steem". Now, we are on the path to tokenize the internet and give true value back to users and content creators.

Decentralization which is the core of the hive blockchain is as honey in the cryptosphere. I see hive as honey because while many saw the fork as a bee tendency, there was a production of honey which has brought sweetness and freedom to those who value humanity and respect the rights of others.

Just after the honey production is completed with the coming of Smart Media tokens, then, give would be a converging point and the home for everyone who wans to invest in cryptocurrencies.

What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?

In the near future, I see give become a Bitcoin rival!

Bitcoin has become so costly for those who are typically new to cryto sphere to invest. Hive is cheap at the moment and has the scalability that would allow for massive growth and adoption into several and diverse sectors.

Just after the covid experience, many would come to the reality of the need for a digital asset which operates devoid of the corruption that plague the fiat monetary system of our economies.


What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

Yes! This is very necessary

The lies that surrounded Steen and unfulfilled promises was due to the fact one person or company Ned Scott/steemit Inc claims ownership of steel. Now that hi e is operating as a truly decentralized entity, with everyone as stakeholders and owners, I am certain that DAO funding would be put to sincere use. We are no more kept at the mercy of devs controlled by one company to improve upon give. Give is now built by everyone who has invested time, content or fist to it's current worth today.

What does HIVE mean to you?

A true Decentralized Social Home!

Holding hive is like gold to me. It's like having Bitcoin. Indeed, I'm looking forward to a full time content creation career on the hive blockchain. Truly, one can make a good point with give because it's truly decentralized.

I'm committed to promotion give in every good way I can. already, my Creativity hub in uyo, Southern Nigeria would be rebranded to be a hive hub and we'll ensure to touch people's lives courtesy of earnings from Hive.

I sincerely thank @Theycallmedan for this initiative and @blocktrades alongside other devs for making the hive dream come true.

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Great thoughts on hive. Really honey of he crypto world.