Any plans for tomorrow? Holiday / HF / Tribes

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Not that much planned for me as yet, but I'll probably be outside enjoying the sunshine during the forking hour 😎 And return to see everything working perfectly, I hope.

This week I'm away from the UK on a short visit to Mallorca, and the pool. It's the first time I've been in since last September, even though I left here in early June. The peak of summer has passed and the temperature in the day is a much more bearable 30c/86f, and the water is just right.

Who let this idiot in

That was last year, but I found the video again today and decided to use my new found (about 20 minutes ago) video reversing and gif conversion skills.

I've been painting my mum's place for the majority of the day today, which isn't actually that much fun in hot weather and with a dodgy knee. I woke up on Saturday and it was very sore and unstable but it's already feeling a lot better, although I couldn't really swim today when I sneaked out for half an hour just before lunch.

The other day I was reunited with the bike I gave to a bar owners daughter, he had it parked 'proudly' outside the bar to 'stop the cars parking in front', and said he'd been using it a fair bit as his daughter has since gone back to the UK - with a poorly knee. hmm. He asked if I wanted it and I said I might pop down and take it for the day sometime this week but I'll have to see how my knee is I guess.

The contract for my job came through via email and I (did) have 7 days to return everything by post. 'Luckily', they cocked up the the most important part of the papers and put a different salary to what I was told, so I have emailed them back today stating the error which may or may not mean I get to start next Monday.

Although I miss the summer here, I'm actually OK with heading back in a few days time knowing that I'll miss the quiet (and much cooler) 7/8 months that begin shortly. Time to start saving (STEEM) and planning the next escape, although that could well be a few years yet.

Sooo, HF 21, excited?

I've not really spoken that much about it thus far and have been getting my daily fill from the likes of Taraz (kp) and Mark (exyle). It's probably fair to say that accounts with a larger amount of Steem Power in the bank are more excited for the changes than those who will be casting dust on comments with 100% up-votes. The author/curation split (that we see in the Tribes) will certainly benefit larger accounts, but everyone should collect some more SP via voting each week.

(Skipping the part on the likely reduction in post rewards and I'll see you in the Tribes!)

What you don't want to be voting on is garbage, that is if people get away from the thinking that downvotes are violent, censorship, mean, etc, and use them to return 'unjust' rewards to the pool. I think that is what I will be looking for first and foremost - Is Trafalgar going to curate a little more? Will the bot owners use their huge inherited stake to downvote garbage which, for example, bots that don't have a Blacklist (let alone my preferred choice, a Whitelist) are turning a blind eye to?

The downvotes on poor content are a method to shift rewards to the better content and make up for the loss in author rewards.

Oh, and the DAO is coming too. @gtg posted a little more about it today and his proposal (which I have just Resteemed) looks essential. From the comments in that post I have learned that voting for proposals is available on steempeak at, and I so hopefully tomorrow we will be able to see a list at this link.

Just a note regarding the Tribes. I feel more and more confident each day that a growing number of them aren't going anywhere soon. And even if they do vanish into thin air at some point, that's no reason to not take advantage of them while they are here.

I have stake!

In PAL, LEO, CCC, STEM, SPORTS, BATTLE, SPT, STEEMACE, MARLIANS, NEOXAG (NEOXIAN), (and PORN) - stake which in some cases from tomorrow (cause EIP - 50/50), is worth about the same in STEEM as a vote from my main account. So yeah, take a look at the type of content in the trending pages and see if you have something to offer!

Alright, have a good one,


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I hore you enjoy your day off in the sun. It's a rainy day forcast for us. I've just popped in to take my VP power down, then I think I'll start the break early. I'm behind on a few things anyway.

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A vacation sounds good right about now.

I have nothing on Steem planned for tomorrow. I did what I could to get out some extra posts these past couple of days. If everything is working find by tomorrow night that’s great. If not I’ll get a break from Steem, discords, twitter, and a number of other places. Either way I’ll be playing more No Man’s Sky.

If you cant escape to the beach, head for a game. Good choice :)

See you on the other side.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

I'm totally going to watch for Hardfork drama and I am not afraid to admit it.

I hope for a great outcome, but I expect there to be rocky points, because there always have been.


Turbulence ahead :)

Yes I think I'll do a bit of scanning to see where the downvotes are at. Let the pool refill!

I literally bought more popcorn for the occasion! I can put them in the microwave later.

Nah, it's for movie night.

Dafuq? It doesn't require a command these days?

More popcorn for everyone this way!

Grand :)

I hear the Flagtrail is being been revamped? Do you know if it will able to take 2.5 free ones off us each day?


You would have to talk to @reazuliqbal. He's the main dev for it.

Yeah, I am planning on making a new settings value available where users can set if they only want to use their free downvote mana.

'Any plans for tomorrow?'

Start at 6 pm downvoting my own shitposts ...

Happy Hardforking to everybody!!!


Some of my favourite efforts on Steem!

Gonna experiment a bit with, but once I got the hang of it, it might become a daily routine for me as well.

The way I look at the tribes is that their value is linked to the upvotes in Steem that can be gotten for them. The system how it all works with the voting power is still broken though making it hard to navigate without making extra accounts especially for them (which also makes little sense.)

I'm increasing my Sports holdings at current prices and might split the upvotes going forward so you also get those. I'm hoping over time possibly with the SMT's this all will get fixed.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Have you seen the vote weight multiplier?

Yours is set at 1 for SPORTS - try 3? If a quarter of the posts you vote (rough guess!) are SPORTS, set it to 4.

This is the quick and dirty method but saves a lot of hassle.


Thanks for the link Asher! I knew it was possible but assumed it was a hassle to get it right without too much Coding/IT knowledge. Looks like a good temporary fix, I do hope they fix the way everything works to solve some of the fundamental issues.


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Hehe, check you and your digital skillz!

I am looking forward to it although not expecting much change but hoping to be pleasantly surprised by lots of change.

Something had to be done so hopefully this is it.

I just hope it's been tested enough!

I learned from a dporn post :D

I'm sure a comprehensive set of tests have been performed, no worries!

Heh heh, will that's the best place to learn.. ahem.

That's what to do with those pesky tests, throw them out the window!

Many eyeopeners for sure!

A solid test - how long does this keyboard take to hit the tarmac? Could be useful in assessing escape from boss routes :)

Sooo, HF 21, excited?

Not really. I would love to see that I have been wrong in many of my assumptions, but the more I read and the more I talk with others, the more my assumptions feels correct. I don't look forward to that, if that is true, because it would basically be the opposite of my goals, ideas and thoughts of Steem.

Who knows, in a year or so when HF22 comes, we might actually see something that is less focused on the larger accounts we have on Steem. (Which is very unlikely)...

If we're lucky we might even find something that focus more on the newcomers we should want to grow, and perhaps we find something about this whole "massadoption"-thing that everyone speaks of.

But what do I know.

It could be tough to start - higher earning posts need bringing down to raise others up.

Are you getting involved in the tribes? What's lost in Steem payouts can be made up there to some extent.

Things will get better for adoption when resource credits can be delegated, separate to SP.

Don't give a fuck about the hardfork. Going playing golf with a mate and probably pints after. STEEM will still be here Wednesday and i'll keep doing what I'm doing now. Probably see some glitches but they will get sorted soon after.

Fair :)

Pissing down here on the Island and the thunder and lightning has arrived - I hope that's not the case over there.

May the Fork be with you my friend! See you on the other side!

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Cheers :)

Hey Asher! I love seeing everything looking up for you. Please enjoy that pool for me❤❤❤

Thank you Jill! Found your actifit posts earlier for some SPORTS tokens :)

I noticed that. Thanks man❤

Hmmm. Still haven't gotten around to revisiting your posts aout Tribes. Note to Self. Do it!

Didn't know you suffered from unstable knees. Me too. In fact I went cycling for the first time in about 15 years this weekend, in an attempt to start strenthening the supporting muscles.

I'm not sure how you managed it but you were in Spain during the best August Bank Holiday we've had in years. 😂 looking at the number of people frolicking in the sea yesterday you'd have thought you were in the med!

Hope your salary gets sorted soon and you finally get to start.

Have fun!

I think more people will be looking at the Tribes next week as posts generally will go down in value - that might encourage you!

My knees are generally OK, not sure what happened at the weekend!

It's stormy here today, I guess I'll be inside. Let me guess, clear blue skies over there? :D


Not sure my posts going down in value will make a massive difference since they're so low anyway but I'll see what it feels like once the dust has settled.

The thing I fear most is the increase in random flagging which I imagine is inevitable. If I get a lot of that on my posts and that makes a difference to the value that will have a bigger impact on my posting behaviour.

I already get flags on my actifit posts but it doesn't matter since they're no value accounts.

Let me guess, clear blue skies over there? :D

Yep. 28 degrees again and I'll be off to the beach later. 😂

What is your actifit account? I guess you'll be picking up some SPORTS tokens?

Have fun at the beach, i'm hiding inside from the lightning!

Ooooo. Thunder and lightning sounds fun. I enjoy a good storm! 😁

My actifit account is artysteps and, yes, I seem to have gotten some sports tokens there. I only noticed them yesterday and staked them. Working out how to use that account better is on my "must learn about tribes" to do list.

Enjoy your vacation I visited Mallorca a few years back for a family members wedding and had a few days relaxing there and loved it, i hope they sort out things for your nex job,
and I am on wait and se emode for th HF but dont plan on changign much about that I do and will see what happens

Cheers :)

Yeah wait and see is a good plan - aim for some Tribe content too.

Well with most of my posts being photography related the New Photo Tribe is one I am trying to be active in along with some others

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

steemians always on work no holiday hahahh

@abh12345, In my opinion they've done great job by allowing you because they got an opportunity to see some Acrobatic Skills.

When we talk about the Hardfork 21 (Sensitive Case 😁) it's a silent subject more than loud because in my opinion Steemians are ready adapt instead of oppose.

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Acrobatic skills :D

Acceptance is a good skill to possess.


Talking about Tribes Sir @abh12345 - is there a general consensus they all apply the new 5 minutes voting window? A small summary would be cool to have.

I'm really not sure about the Tribes and have assumed that they would follow similar rules - my votes are set in accordance to the new 5 min auction :)

Mine too - but you have the major advantage of dedicated tribe accounts which I lack of and will also in the future it seems :-). Thanks for getting back!

You should create them then :)

Once set up and tweaked a little they are good to go. Although I do find myself curating with all 10 or so at times!

Yeah, true on the one hand - I just need to give me some hours to do it - just when my main private project is completed hopefully this year- You are right btw