HolyBread - 3 days later Level 45.

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So this game just like many on the Steem blockchain has become very addicting.

Breadcrumbs are cool and the first buyback is in 2 days so its crunch time to gather as many crumbs as you possible can. This game is very cool, feels like a RPG game with all its levels and gears and quests, I do hope the game does progress a bit more like a true RPG games.

So back to the post, I have hit level 45 and with in a couple of seconds to be honest...


Before this I was sitting at level 250. So I decided to buy some gear and boy did it give me a boost.

Here is my beast.

So far the game has been fun, leveling up and figuring out the dashboards and items ect. I have yet to find a way to place items on the Market.

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Hi @chronocrypto I am glad you like tha game so far.
Don't know if you have figured out how to place an item on the market.
If not:
Hover over the item you want to offer to the market then click on the name of the item and you will be forwarded to the items detail page where there is a button on the right that says "offer to market" click it an type in the box the amount of USD you are asking (mind the transaction fees though) and then click the offer button.
There is also a short video on how to do it. Click on "Market" in the menu on the left, then you'll see three buttons on the top. One says "Howy to?" just click on it and you'll see the video.