Settling In Again

in home •  10 months ago 

It has been a while, but I'm finally moved into my new place and have a new dressing gown and matching pajama bottoms to prove it.

The flat is nothing special and so I wont bore you with pictures and just say that it's clean, quiet, close to the bus stop for work and will do for the next twelve months. In this time I'm hoping that a) I've saved enough to get a mortgage or enough to warrant disappearing off to the continent again to enjoy the sunshine.

I moved in yesterday, and prior to this managed to organise with the previous tenant leaving behind their router, which meant that I could connect with just a phone call. The line is 150 MB up and down and the site reckons the connection is even a little faster than advertised. On the Island I was lucky to get 300 KB up the line which meant gaming/streaming/uploading to dtube was impossible or very slow going.

Yet another good reason to be in the UK, that brings my tally up to 3 :)

The house and job move have taken up much of my time of late, but I have been reading in, and taken a fair amount goings on in Bangkok in. It's good to hear a fair amount of positivity in the #steemfest content and I'm hopeful that 2020/21 will be better than 2018/19. If it's worse then we've all been barking up the wrong tree for far too long.

Equipping the flat with the basics has meant a lot of walking around, and those that follow my .sports account where I stick the Actifit posts will see my step count the last week or so is up on previous efforts. A visit to the gym this early evening (instead of the offer for a drink) should help - it's a real bonus to have some machines and weights downstairs and I'm really appreciative of that. I'm probably in the worst shape I've been in 20 years and I can't use old age as the excuse, I've just been a lazy git.

On my travels today, I thought it best to pad this post out with some photos and so I have for you firstly, a couple of pubs I need to visit when cash allows:


The round emblems appeal for some reason, and these places both look like they need a visit.


This place sells clothes and I wonder how well they are doing - maybe put an illuminated 'Fat' above the COW?


I took this for the graffiti and it is the side wall of the image shown below. What is going on with the road markings though? Maybe the painters had visited Billy Bootleggers first?


This weekend, Footloose, at the rather camp looking Nottingham Arts Theatre. Hmm, Theatre must be the English spelling as steempeak and busy don't like it.

And finally, this is what the real Nottingham is about. Trams, Cranes, and construction work wherever you go. It was around 2001/2002 when the (latest) trams arrived in Nottingham, I know this because I lived in a house where they were building a stop. They are now a major part of the city's travel network and the centre has few roads - most of which are one way.


Enough No Entry signs? You would think so but it still doesn't stop cars occasionally taking this road to nowhere, smart.

So I've got my cup, a plate, a bowl, and splashed out on a set of knives, forks, and spoons. You'll have to wait until next payday before you can visit unless we are ordering takeaway, served out of the delivery box. I can iron your clothes, but if you want toast in the morning then you'll have to test out the oven grill (if there is one). Mind you don't slip when you get out of the shower and I probably need a bath mat, but there is plenty of loo roll if the takeaway is a hot one.

Work starts again on the 25th November, and before then I do hope to write a bit more, see my daughter once or twice, and collect a couple more items to make this place feel a little more homely. If I can fit work, Steem, the gym, friends, and of course my daughter into the week on a regular basis, I'll be happen enough here, for now.

Have a nice evening,


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If it's worse then we've all been barking up the wrong tree for far too long.

Yet we will still refuse to leave, no doubt. Sounds like you are nicely settled for a bit. Never been to Nottingham. I like the way you interwine pubs and lack of exercise in the same post he he.

Oh, and most DEFINITELY theatre. I vote for English spelling.

Probably yes, we have a fair few stubborn types knocking around :)

I'm not sure why I do this intertwining of exercise and pubs, it's happened more than once on the other account!

Haha... if you lived further from a pub, then you could jog there and it is problem solved!

Well there are plenty I could jog to, but when there is another much closer, naa!

Hahahaahaha - it's amazing how fast you can jog on the way BACK though - I can walk for miles when I've had a few pints, just not necessarily in the right direction...

I'm not sure which is more amusing - the cow clothing store, or the possibly truth in advertising "dive" bar... 😂

In either case, glad to hear you're settling in well. Hope you have an enjoyable time before work starts up again.

I'm sure some people have been to both those places today :D

Thank you, quite enjoying the peace and quiet, more than spending money on things I really should own already, and once did, many times!

LOL! I'm sure. 😊

And I hear that - before this current rental (where we've been staying a record breaking 7 years), hubby, the kids and I moved quite frequently, and did the "buying things we'd already owned" far more times that I liked. Happy to hear you get to enjoy a little peace and quiet for now.

That's grand man, you will be sorted in no time!! Those pubs look good! I do like the sound and look of the second from the outside but I would probably be raring to give Billy Bootleggers a go!

If you ever make it way this far south, once we have fixed your nosebleed we should certainly see what the inside of Billy Bootleggers looks like :)

Hehe, I will hold you to it!!! The pub that is and not my exceptionally silky length

Phew. Fortunately I've not had to go to those lengths for a quick buck!

Not yet!! hehe!

Single cents STEEM and I could cross the line :O

Don't joke, we've been flirting on the verge of it for too long!!

We have. And what a stubborn bunch we are still here grinding away. Take me too the beach STEEM!

Footloose! are you going to go see it?

Who needs breakfast in the morning... you have coffee right?

I don't think I can walk through those doors alone.

Coffee, yes. It's in a jar and way below the KP household standard. I have looked at the machines and think I'll treat myself after a payday or two :)

Lol. As long as it is dark roast and there is some milk, I can stomach it. I can likely stomach anything if I can drink the Finnish coffee at work.

I think this stuff just scrapes as dark, and I do have milk in the jarred stuff because it is rank on its own.

The new place should have a free drinks machine and I will be testing it out first day :)

Above all, I definitely hope you get to see your daughter more, I'm moving to my new apartment and it's been expensive and hectic. Cheers Asher!

Thanks :)

Yeah expensive and hectic, I can relate to that!

Thank you!

It's right next to the Trent and with all this rain I hope I don't end up under water :)

Good to hear you've got your own place. I might pay a visit to billy bootleggers myself before too long. The part of Leicester I live in has a dearth of pubs due to the Temperance movement, unlike Liverpool where there were twenty two pubs within staggering distance of home.
Enjoy your new 'jamas!

Cheers, I am enjoying the gown and pjs at present :)

Let me know if you are in town!

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Good to hear you're doing good.

I was a little disappointed after reading, though. I was really looking forward to a pic of your new dressing gown and matching pajama ;0P

Thank you :)

I might use an alt for a cheeky photo, or @abh12345.gown :D

Hope the next year brings you back to the beaches of the world!

One way or another, I can't see myself being too far away from the sand in years to come, cheers :)

I would imagine once you experience that life it would be hard to leave it...and even harder to end up in a place that is more on the gloomy and cold side most of the year.

Yeah it was sad, but needs must - and a needed some cash. The new coat has lifted my spirits and made me fear the cold less, I was sweating today walking around town :)

I'm in Chicago so cold doesn't ever scare me. The high was 10 F yesterday and shattered our records. Today was like a heat wave in the mid 20's F (just pulled that up in C, -3 high, -6 low, and "feels like" -11 with the wind chill today.

Yesterday when I had to run around I did grab my heavy Hoodie and put on a hat and gloves. Takes around -5 F (-20 C) for me to move to an actual winter coat.

The windy, and cold af city :)

Brave, I'll be wearing the winter coat for the next 6 months!

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Sort of a new start of a new time frame exciting!
Hope you can put all you want in a week, I am not succeeding with it

Yes it is :)

I could definitely do it in less than a week if I had more money!

Happy days Asher. Things are not sounding so bad for you these days.

Yeah I feel alright considering it's November and I'm in the UK :)

Cheers to a fresh start and decent internet.

Some just love to go where signs say they are not permitted!

Fast net is a real bonus :D Cheers!

Those same people must also like paying fines :D

Here's to hoping we see abit more of you Asher! ...You know reason #4 could be those streets would make a great back drop for the Dudedoir contest going on. A guy like you might just want to get your hands on a few more Steems i have a feeling @exyle might join too... who knows what's possible on #newsteem 🤔🥂❤

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Just think if you drink more you walk further as it will never be in a straight line. Just looking at the positives for increasing your step count.


Actually not had a beer all week which is unusual for me - money flying out of my pocket on more essential things, sadly :)

Quickly browsing through your work @abh12345, before starting into my day here. This stood out to me …

”… and I'm hopeful that 2020/21 will be better than 2018/19. If it's worse then we've all been barking up the wrong tree for far too long.”

… as I find this openness rare on our Steem blockchain, particularly in the “New Steem” era. But … I agree with it! Not that anyone would care one way or the other …

While STEEM is unlikely to ever be at $0.000, since there will likely always be someone “hanging around,” that is if there are enough Witnesses who can justify keep it going. I will not be surprised at all to see the “latest, greatest” social network blockchain (not EOS either …) spring up and … On from there.

Hope your time “in between” works out as you desire @abh12345, particularly time with your daughter. On the relentless march to the end, we never get it back …