Sharing Some Homeschool Projects and an Update on the Community.

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This might be the last update before Christmas as things get busier for everyone ready for the holidays.

A couple of weeks ago I set the topic of sharing favourite projects. I know a few people were interested in posting for that, but life has gotten a bit hectic. So I'll bring it back next year when things are, hopefully, a little less busy. However, I'd still like to share some projects that @freemotherearth and her family have been working on.

@freemotherearth shared a fun geometry project which incorporated creativity..


@aurynthenorse shared his metal and woodworking.


@cassidydawn shared some different metal working.


Thank you all for sharing, SBI shares are on their way to you.


Other news

While its been a quiet month for home education posts, as the year comes to a close I think we've had a good start to the community. I hope we see the activity increase next year. Don't forget, all #homeschooling posts can also be tagged to #naturalmedicine, a community which is doing great things.

Liquid rewards were gathering a bit quicker than I expected, so 50 SP has been powered up to go back to the community, which still leaves us with some liquid rewards.

Current SP for the account stands at 2,383.06 SP, of which 246.06 is our own and 2,136.99 is delegated. Thanks goes to our delegators @mattclarke, @canadian-coconut, @summertooth and @minismallholding.

If you're a home educator or are thinking about home educating, please join us on discord.

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Wow, thanks @homeedders!!! I just discovered this and told @cassidydawn about her feature and win in here to cheer her up. She got the fun public school experience on Tuesday night at a little Christmas thing with her younger siblings (I am sure there's a whole post in me about having both home and public school kids in the same house), and now I believe one of the downsides to public school is kicking in ~ germ exposure! Send her some love y'all, shes now quarantined with a nasty little stomach bug.

It would certainly be interesting to hear about a split homeschool/school household.
I hope she's feeling better soon.

these last few weeks I have been so busy I completely forgot about the latest question, I may still post about it though, thanks for the update and curation xxx

Life's like that.

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I am so glad to have found the @homeedders community, and appreciate the curation of home school related posts! I am an unschooling mom of two with a public school teaching background. Like @freemotherearth, I find it interesting to compare educational experiences. Looking forward to getting to know everyone 🌱

Looking forward to getting to know you too. 😊