IFC Season 2 Round 10 - Heroes - My Judges Votes

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A couple of days ago, I recieved a notification in my Discord messages from @apolymask, enquiring as to whethere I may be available to step in as a celebrity guest judge for Round 10 of the IFC - Okay, okay, I'm playing a little fast and loose with word celebrity...

Anyway, shaking off the haze of the daycare plague that my darling daughter decided to bring home and share, I found the theme post and the half a dozen associated entries, and below is my analysis.

(image from Giphy.com)

The first one I read was this one by @bengy - https://steemit.com/ifc/@bengy/the-real-heroes-information-finding-championship-s02r10

Next was @wholeself-in - https://steemit.com/@wholeself-in/what-makes-a-hero-ifc-s2r10-vy1ionjq

@leaky20 was next - https://steemit.com/ifc/@leaky20/ifc-s2r10-a-hero-short

Then @jbreheny - https://steemit.com/ifc/@jbreheny/to-me-that-s-a-hero-ifc-s2r10

Next was @shaheerbari - https://steemit.com/ifc/@shaheerbari/a-hero-ifc-s2r10

and finally @bloggerkrunal - https://steemit.com/life/@bloggerkrunal/heroes-are-reel-or-real-ifc-s2r10-oxcivdnf

Now before you go any further, do yourself a huge favour, go and read all six of these posts. All of them.

And now for my votes..... Drumroll please....

(image from Giphy.com)

I was advised that I have a total of three points to distribute at my discretion, so here they are, and my reasons.

2 Points to @wholeself-in - this read was really like a trip down memory lane for me. I used to watch the Greatest American Hero as a kid and have fond memories of it. Not the extent (that I remember) of having a costume, or crash landing into furniture, but enough to see the picture and immediately hear the theme song "Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air" - You would have got all three points, but I've now had the song stuck in my head for 3 hours and it's driving me nuts.

The final point goes to @leaky20 - The story was fragmented, but I could see where you were taking it, and your storytelling technique drew me in. I wasn't expecting the twist in who would rescue the boy.

Honourable mention will also go to @jbreheny - if it wasn't for Mariah Carey, you possibly would have got a point. I really enjoyed reading about your Hockey idol, and the way he was prepared to look after his fans on his own time, when others were long gone.

Good luck to everyone who entered.

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You're a celebrity in my eyes. :) Even more now after doing such a great job and getting me to laugh a few times with your post. Laughter can be such a great thing, I hope to help people laugh more in the future, even though I'm a pretty serious person... I'm working on it! It's a great feeling. :D

My votes ended up being very similar to yours.
Will try to announce the results soon.
Thank you so much for helping to judge! :)