📌 A Few ReggaeSteem/JAHM Token Links (to Remember)

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Saved for future reference.

  1. ReggaeSteem.com— Informational site for onboarding and static ReggaeSteem info

  2. ReggaeSteem.io— Steem publishing platform powered by Nitrous

  3. ReggaeTube.io— Steem Video uploading platform powered by DTube

  4. ReggaeSteem Search— Search (all) ReggaeSteem content powered by Google CS

  5. Discord— Main ReggaeSteem Community Chat

  6. Telegram— Updates Channel for ReggaeSteem News

  7. Twitter— Microblogging platform sharing ReggaeSteem updates and user generated content

  8. Facebook— Marketing platform for ReggaeSteem ads and traffic from user generated content

  9. Facebook Group— Seller Group with over 80,000 Jamaicans inherited from past projects

  10. YouTube— Video sharing platform for ReggaeSteem Tutorials and future user generated content

  11. Medium— Article publishing platform reserved for future off-Steem news and press releases

  12. Instagram— Marketing platform for ReggaeSteem ads and traffic from user generated content

  13. BeachfrontCrypto.com— Parent company site featuring Jamaican crypto news, epic Google pagerank

DApp Rating Sites

Show your support by rating ReggaeSteem!

  1. StateOfTheDApps

  2. DApp.com

  3. DappOnline

Steem Based Sites

  1. SteemPeak.com— ReggaeSteem interface for SteemPeak users

  2. SteemTribes.online— Steem Tribe informational site

Exchanges and Token Info

  1. Steem-Engine.com— Main JAHM Exchange, trade JAHM/STEEMP

  2. SCOT.TODAY— SCOT Token informational site

ReggaeSteem Services

  1. JAHM Shop— Redeem Irie items for JAHM

  2. Tourism— Redeem JAHM and/or JSNS for tourism in the Caribbean

  3. Artists/Celebrity— Artists and VIP promotional/on-boarding services


  1. ReggaeSteem Brochure

Off-the-top of my head, some important links may be missing; will update within the coming days.

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ReggaeSteem Search???

I didn't know about this tool.
This contribution is very good, because you concentrate what has been created and everything that is related, to facilitate the process. Thank you

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It’s available via the magnifying glass icon on the top right of ReggaeSteem.io— similar to Steemit.com, only our search has been tweaked to include ReggaeTube and our .com data, also for a better UX

Originally implemented in Nitrous by @eonwarped

Cheers !BEER

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