What’s Up With The Aging?

in india •  2 months ago 

Hello fellow Steemians! First of all to start with, wishing all the ladies and gentlemen a very happy valentines’ day.

Today, in office, I asked my friends how they are celebrating valentines day. To my surprise, all of them told me what it is to celebrate; they are now old and mature and valentines is a kiddo thing to do. It made me think, are we really too old that we can’t even celebrate a day?

I was particularly dressed in RED today since hungry loves RED color. I usually don’t wear Red because I’m more of a Nudes person but for him, I wore Red today. I got him a red rose, planned a dinner outside to celebrate. So I don’t really agree with people who say we have grown old to celebrate.

I personally believe there is no age bar or limit on celebrations and you don’t grow old by age. As we grow, we actually become more aware about things; we know the pros and cons and we can judge better what we have to do. So how can age define celebrations.

What I could understand from the conversations is that may be we all take age as an excuse to run away from things. See, because if we are old why are we even wearing now clothes or going to trips. We are just making age an excuse to not do things that we don’t want to which is not fair. Life doesn’t give us many chances to celebrate. We continuously crib about life getting monotonous and dull. These little things make life fun and fill our life with colors.

I’m not talking about celebrating valentines days in particular. It is about all those little things that we bypass giving reasons which might not be even valid.

So, friends, go out with your loved ones today, could be anyone in your friends and family and celebrate a good day, a good hour. Valentines day is nothing but just a mindset; you can celebrate valentines’ day everyday if you come out of the world of excuses and live the life you want to live.

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