TechLead Got Fired from Facebook for Having a Tech YouTube channel | Are We Seeing The Origins of An Anti Self-Education Movement

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First of all let me tell you that I support and defend the right of a company to employ or not employ anyone they like or dislike. But that doesn't mean that they are free from the consequences. Ina free market, the consequences of one's actions decide the winners instead of ideology, leader or some arbitrary committee. You can listen to the full story here:

There are Many Possible Interpretations

You can check out his YouTube channel and you will see that it is mostly educational content without anything controversial. The closest to being controversial would be his last few videos regarding his wife leaving him and him offering some advise related to managing assets in case of a marriage. Seeing how Google (Alphabet Inc) responded to a memo with some employees taking the day off after reading a "distressing " infamous memo, I'd say that it is common for Silicon Valley to have such overly sensitive crybabies.

it's that they fear truth being exposed on a large scale and the horrible PR that comes with that, especially to a company in the middle of an ongoing PR nightmare. The last thing they want, is someone with large reach inside their ranks, with the ability to expose any of the incredible fuckery going on now or in the future. - Rob



Is This Anti-Decentralized Education?

I don't want to be some conspiracy nut. But I do want to consider all possibilities. These technology companies control a large aspect of human lives on Earth. Facebook as a platform has helped swing many elections in many countries. Knowledge as its power and as TechLead himself mentioned, his type of talent is rare or else he wouldn't b earning half a million dollars year.

But what happens when someone starts giving out the best steps, the best tips and the most important wisdom nuggets not to the FB interns and new recruits; but to everyone on the internet. Tech YouTubers have been like English Translated Bible distributors of the middle ages. This is a plausible factor to consider. They are not very happy about knowledge spreading too fast. I do't think the "Education" Industrial Complex is pushing tech companies to do this yet. But we could be looking at a genesis towards that.

Don't Be Afraid to Entertain A Possibility & Stay Out of The Education Machine As Much As Possible

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Wow. That's strange they would do that.