Inktober - Dark "26"( The Nun drawing step by step)

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Hi guys☺️☺️.
How's the weekend going?? . Hopefully it is as good as mine. I really didn't think I could pull this off at first especially using ink medium. I thought, why not just skip today and take a rest but then, it's a challenge and the result won't be so bad since it's a sketch. I'm really delighted at the outcome. The drawing of the features was pretty quick until I started shading. Man!!!,Valak is the real deal when it comes to darkness😄. I'm talking about her clothes, face and background for this sketch. I used a black ink, Smudger and charcoal pencil for this drawing. As usual, here are the steps taken to creating this sketch


I started from the sketch from the eyes , then to the nose and finally to her cloth


I used the cross hatching shading technique for my shade and also used a little charcoal pencil and Smudger to blend the features on the face


I enhanced the darkness and used my soft yellow pastel to create the iconic glowing yellow eyes of the nun.
Thank you for taking your time to read through and supporting my art. Stay tuned for tomorrow's inktober drawing. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions. Love you guys😘. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂.

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That is fantastic! Well done! My art sucks but im going to try and follow your steps. Usually even my stick men look crap lol

Thank you☺️. I'm still a novice at pen works too. Give it a try and please don't forget to show me afterwards. Thanks for stopping by.🙂

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Fantastically disturbing illustration.

😄😄.. Now I'm thinking you don't like horror movies

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No… I said it was "fantastically disturbing." I love gothic horror movies. I'm not big on gory horror.

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The nun.
With evil eye.

It's so iconic right?😃

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Yeah, very iconic.