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Many communities outside of towns (at least in the southeastern US) have a water tower to assist in supplying water to residents, but few of them are painted with designs. This one is quite distinct with its red-and-white checkerboard pattern.

Water towers help to regulate the pressure in the water lines and provide additional water flow during peak-usage times or emergencies (fires, power outages). [1]

The following is my artisitic processing of the photo of one such tower in the county, which I hope will allow the use of the #creativecoin tag. (If any leaders of the CreativeCoin tribe disagree that this counts as a "creative" image, please let me know and I will remove the tag.)

The day I took this photo, It was hot and humid, which is typical for summers in The Deep South. The temperature was in the low-90⁰s (33⁰–35⁰ C) with Heat Indices giving a "real feel" in the low 100⁰s (38⁰–41⁰ C). During high-heat/high-humidity conditions like that in The South, the blue sky looks more grayish, and the contrast between the slate-gray clouds and the blue-gray sky isn't very marked. The entire landscape often takes on a rather hazy appearance, as can be seen in the original photo, below.

Have you seen a water tower with an interesting paint job? If so, share the story in the comments! I wish I had stopped to snap a few more photos of them over the years.


   1 Wikipedia: Water Tower

!steemitworldmap 34.828275 lat -82.693889 long Pickens County, SC D3SCR


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A nearby town has two water tanks side by side. They have the words "HOT" and "COLD" painted on them. Picture1.png

That is hilarious! 😂

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Wow... We dont really have water towers here that looks like that, but this one was really cool 😉 stands out and your Edit picture is even better than The original... Made it more magic.
Loved this... Here is a picture of the water towers from my birth town, they change colours every now and then in lights 😁


Have a wonderful week my sweet friend and much love to You 🤗💞🌸🤗


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Not exactly what I was going for... Lol
Sorry @thekittygirl 🙈😁 lol

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😂😂Hahahaha... Cute but... Nahh..
Guess Im doing it wrong!

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😁 Lol... Got ya.. Thank you so much.
Now its more like it..

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It is rather unusual! I like your creative version of the pic, but as for the original - you can literally SEE the heat of the day in the photo. lol

Love seeing these old water towers. Looks like this town got a bit creative painting it red and white :) So fun @thekittygirl I like your creative touch!

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Another "project" to add to the "project list" @thekittygirl, now we have the "water tower project"!
Now I'll be on the lookout for one to share with you, I like these projects!
And I do like the artwork, I think it is so cool and adds much more nuance to your "projects"!
Had to share on PYPT, maybe more people would come up with photos and/or stories around where they live.
I've never seen one of these around here, as I'm in a big modernized city!

I have all I can handle with the Old Barn Project and my coins & silver collection, so the Water Tower Project is a "no go" for me... 😂 ..although I will still snap a few pics when I see good ones! Most of the ones in this county are not painted anything but white. Thank you for sharing my post at PYPT!

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