Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 48[

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Here I go with my entry to Insect Thursday, I'm a little late but not that late. For this challenge, you have to show original photos, as beautiful and impressive as you can with original content. Thanks, @whatisnew for this contest that allows you to love insects, which by the way seems to be in danger of extinction.

SAM_0353  copia.JPG

Walking through the parking lot, I saw in a garage a huge spider waiting for something in its big web or I would be thinking. I don't know. But I was afraid of its shape and at the same time, it dazzled me with its appearance. It seemed to have big eyes in its abdomen and long legs. In the end, I lost my fear of her, because she was quiet for the picture. Spiders are short-sighted but so-called jumping spiders have better vision.

SAM_0358  copia.JPG

However, I want to clarify that she is not an insect, as they have 6 legs and spiders have 8, but they come in the family as they are derived from the root of the arthropods. Insects are the most numerous species.

I do not know which group or species of arachnids they belong to, if anyone knows, please leave it in the comments.

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Wao, te luciste con la fotografía, mi querida @antoniarhuiz. La verdad imagino no fué nada fácil pero te quedó genial, un lujo de captura, yo, le tengo pavor a las arañas pero esta quedó de maravilla para la vista. Gracias por compartirla, te deseo mucho éxitos. Un abrazote para ti!.

Gracias bella. Abrazo de vuelta.

Muy buenas imagenes, amiga... Y huy que horror esa araña, bella pero igual no me agradan jejejeje

Si, pensé lo mismo. Bella pero con miedo.

Love bugs! Great shot that second one there. Looks like a Japanese demon on its back!

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
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Puede ser viendo bien, parece ninja ja,ja,ja. Gracias @enginewitty

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Genial fotografía se detalla hasta la tela de araña que tejió jejeje. Esas arañas son sedentarias allí permanecen por mucho tiempo. Otro tema importante es que acaba con las plagas del hogar aunque... no las queremos dentro jajaja. Saludos mi coamy!

Oye sí mi Comay, eso me gustó mucho, traté de enfocar para que se detallara la telaraña.

what a unique spider

depends on your definition of insect or bug or other words, kind of like how animal can mean mammal or creature of any kind, depending on whether you're using specific or general meanings to the terms, the words

Bien amigo @joeyarnoldvn. Gracias.


OMG! I am petrified of spiders so these photos gave me a jolt. I am happy that you verified that spiders are not insects. : ) Great photos! So sorry for the delay with my comment. I just got over a 3 day migraine from hell. : (

It's okay. It's all right. There's no rush.

Thanks for understanding @antoniarhuiz! : )