The Repeating Numbers - Part 11 (The Awakening)

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Let me tell you something... that you have already know!


There are billions of people on planet Earth, and counting... but there's only ONE person like YOU! There aren't two people, who are 100% the same, even the twins. And did you know that, there exist a pattern in the Universe, which never repeat itself, just like YOU. 😃


All along, YOU have been searching for something... outside of YOU, but everything, that ever is... always has been inside of YOU. For instance, every time when you get a telescope, and reach out for the stars, YOU see more of YOU! So YOU are the ONE that, you're looking for! 👀


As a matter of fact... you're not your body, nor your bank account, not even your place of living... etc. You're everything and nothing at the same time! 😮


Eleven is a Master number, so I encourage YOU to take your time, and learn how to be a master of yourself. Give a chance ot the creative part of YOU. Expect more from yourself, and less from the others. Be the person that makes the difference in the world. ✍️

Gematria Calculator1111.png

All images (exept the last one) by Pixabay (with some editting by me 😎)

YOU already know all of this, but I just decided to remind YOU.☝️ So stand up, and do someting, who if not YOU, and when if not now?

Thank YOU for reading! Godspeed!

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