Bits and Pieces of my life. 🖤

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Hello Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Bernice Noelle, 21 years old from the Philippines. I am here to share with you guys bits and pieces of my life! 💕


My life before revolves on football. I played football for about 6 years but had to stop because my grades started to fail, so my mom and I made a deal that I should stop when I finish highschool and focus on my studies.

And yes, when I reached college I stopped playing football and focused more on my studies. It was hard of course but I think I made the right decision, why? College was not easy, but I survived. I was not the brightest student, I had very low self-esteem, talking to people or infront of a crowd was one of my fears, and there was so many ups and downs along the way, but still very thankful because I have great friends who got my back always, I got to experience to be one of the department officers and one of the old officers told me that I am good with people that I have friends from all courses (thats the time I realized that I do have some friends from other courses and that is very unusual for me but I was happy of course), I also passed 2 National Certificate 2 (Housekeeping and Cookery), I was a dean's lister not just once but three times.
Now, I am an HRM fresh graduate hoping to find a job but still enjoying my free time while it last xD. I was very shocked and didn't expect all of these to happen, but I am sure that all of it was true and I wasn't dreaming. And I am very grateful and very blessed.

So many people said that life is very precious and we should enjoy every bit of it, but I actually dont know what to do with mine right now other than finding a job that can sustain me and my family, but I don't want to stop right there, instead I want to develop new skills, discover new things, meet new people and see how precious life really is.

I'll be posting random blogs for now and try to figure things out along the way. I hope you guys will follow or join me in this journey and lets discover and have fun together. 🖤😅 BTW, Special thanks to my cousin ate guitar tegoshei for introducing seemit to me. 😘 To be completely honest, I'm really not that confident when it comes to these things but ate guitar encourage me to try this and see how far I'll go xD. So thank you ate guitar, I love you s.m. 😘


Lastly, before I end this I just want to share to all of you that while I'm typing this blog I am falling in line to see Mother Mary in Simala, Sibunga, Cebu City, Philippines and I can't wait to share with you guys how this trip goes. So stay tuned! 😉

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Welcome to Steemit, bb guitar! Have confidence in yourself.. Will always support you! See you soon! Love you~!!! ^^

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Thank you ate guitar! See you soon, Love You! 🖤

You're always welcome bb guitar... <3

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Woah! Welcome to this amazing community @bernaysss, it is great to see another kabayan here,

Welcome again and enjoy your stay here! ^^

Wow! Hi, thank you so much! ^^

You're welcome, I'm looking forward to see great content from you..

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