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Hi, my name is Jonathan Caleb Williams. I have never done one of these posts for the #introduceyourself tag, so, I figured that I might as well get one in. Here we go:

I am me.

Who is, "me?"

I'm a regular kind of guy. Jack of all trades, master of a few, and gaining on the rest.

  • I'm a musician. I have played piano since I was five years old. I picked up a guitar when I was fifteen. I never put it down. I taught myself how to play it by ear, and I also taught myself how to sing. I write music, play music, and now I even create music using LMMS a little (I'm learning). I recently released a ringtone called, Deep Web (The Nodes), which will be featured to buy in iTunes and Apple Music on the 16th of January, 2020.

A few music links:

Show Me Something (Original Live Acoustic: captured on a samsung tablet near the ocean)

Unsteady (Hold onto me) singing cover

Let It Go (singing cover)

Ares Angel: Original Guitar

  • I'm an artist. I create art in various different mediums. I prefer black pen, or pencil and a shading stump. Lately I have been re-introducing myself to doing graphic art using gimp images. You can see a couple of my graphic art pieces at these links. The first link is also the picture that will be featured with my ringtone at iTunes and Apple Music stores. The picture of the eagle above, was a quick, free-hand sketch that I did for this post. It took me about 20-30 minutes to do this and it is not intended to be remarkably impressive. I got it from a post that I saw on STEEM earlier.

A few art links:

Deep Web (The Nodes) graphic art for my ringtone

Relentless211: Graphic/Drawing art that I did for a website I ran for a while

The Drawing of an eye that I used for that graphic art This picture was rather large, in person.

  • I am a writer and a crypto-enthusiast and advocate of all-things-crypto, (and of course STEEM!!) I write quite a bit about the topic of block-chain technology, trading (in various markets), the future of things such as STEEM and STELLAR's, Pi. My writing spans to many different topics and styles. One day I might write a fictional short story for fun. The next day I might write humor. Then, the same day I'll explain the reasons behind high crypto trading fees and quote the CEO's of Binance and FTX because of a webinar that I was listening to. Maybe I'll finish off the evening with some heartfelt poetry that I wrote to my girl @audiefaith. Then, I'll write about my dog's incredible love, and pair it with a post for about Burgers, Bridges, Boats and Bays. I do what I want, and I like it that way. I try to make sure that the quality of all my posts is up to par with something that I myself would read, every time.

A few links to my writing:



Wal-Mart Terminator

It Is...

Tioga: The Haunted Temple of Coos Bay, Oregon

Burgers, Bridges, Boats and Bays in North Bend, Oregon

You may have already read some of my posts or listened to a little of my singing or music. If not, you can check them out in my blog. Or by using some of the links that I have added into this post. My wonderful girl, as previously stated, is @audiefaith. She just recently started posting some short articles with photographs, but she has been behind me the whole way. I love her and our Jack Russel Parsons, Spencer, dearly. I love, STEEM, lots, as well.

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I love you!!

I love YOUUUUU!!!!!

Hello Jonathan, nice to "meet" you ;-)

Thank you, dark hooded wizard, nice to meet you as well. 😜

Hey mate...I feel like I know you already...Oh, that's because I do! :)

Good intro post and a smart move to do one. Keep up the good work mate, engage a lot on other peoples work and also your own, as you do.

Catch ya. :)

Thanks, did you check out that silversmith guy, btw?

I had a quick look...Interesting stuff.

Hello and welcome to steemit. Hope you enjoy here

Thank you very much. I already LOVE IT. 😍

Another one of my jack of all trades kind ! Really love the originality. Good creative energy!

Thank you @yangyanje. I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer the community. You all put so much positivity into my life. I hope that I can do the same in yours.

You did just now when i read this. The positivity emanates through this sphere. We also have a Group Meditation that really cheers me up a lot. I'm not always there, but it's very powerful!

Wow, that is very cool! I have been meditating more often lately. I had forgotten how good it really is.

hello fellow musician artist man, nice to meet you

This is great, having new friend joining day by day. You welcome.

Thank you for the kind welcome.

Nice to meet you Jonathan! Are you a usa artist? but You look like a rough carpenter!!

Lol thank you... I have had a bit of a rough life.

You are good with this tag

Thank you very much. Positive feedback is very appreciated!

Hallo... follow me for foll back

Good to meet ya :)

Perhaps, we can collaborate some time — I can send you poetry & see if you’re inspired to put it to music?

Nice to meet you as well. Maybe, someday that would be nice. Life's been crazy lately though.

Thanks, for the kind reply. Hope life gets sane, soon 🙏🏼

As do I. Thank you. I really do have interest in what you have proposed, btw. My girl has found and read some of your stuff to me. I'm going to make sure to check out more. You are very talented. Thought you should know.

Bless you, for your kind words 🙏🏼
Your love story is touching — long may it last ❤️