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this is me a year ago
Hewo hoomans and Hivers,

My name is Budoydoy an ordinary house cat who thinks I am quite special miyahahahaw. I joined this platform two days ago because just like you guys I want to blog about my cat life too. Everyday stuff you might find interesting, funny or odd.
On this photo I was looking outside something caught my attention but can't remember now what it was as this photo was from May 2019. A lot of things happened after that so pardon me for not recalling. Behind me is my mom. She is a stray cat. I don't look like her except for my short tail. Funny looking tail I inherited from her. I didn't know who my dad was never seen him. He left me just like most dad cats from the hood does. Although I have a strong feeling that I already saw him pass by when I was looking outside. We got the same color and pattern.

That's it for now I got to gow

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Welcome budoydoy!
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