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The INCOME entertainment SYNERGY Fund is just for entertainment, and comes with no guarantees. That being said, members are supported and are encouraged to support one another. SYNERGY is a powerful force amongst builders.

Let's take a look at some of our wallet feed:

@playdice is a member of the fund, and our autovote on each of their posts triggers the game: based on some amount of randomness with numbers - we get money! Now with the recent switched to SBD, we are currently converting to steem on the internal market.

We also cannot forget about the random epic dice dividends. These cannot be depended on, but do their part to keep the fund with plenty of cash on hand.

An important growth for the fund, although not cash, is SP from curation. By voting our selected members, we are able to earn Steem Power. The free autovoter we are using is quite tempermental, but until we build our own, this will have to do:

Our author rewards are non-zero, and we plan to continue posting 2-3 posts a day. The autopost goes out everyday at 2pm our time and sends out the dividends. The manual posts about fund members and fund movements either in the morning and or in the afternoon are important and interesting to write.

Our main source of cashflow has been from our steem-engine token portfolio. We mine several types of tokens including NEOXAG, UFM, MAPR, NBC, BTCMYK, and SPI.

We continuously monitor the each member market and other strategic non-member markets and try to always follow the ancient wisdom:

Buy low, Sell High.

Many of our members are very Synergistic. Together we can achieve more, we use our positions to motivate, curate and incentivize more progress.

This is not advice. It is History. Do your own Homework.

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