Yannick Noah - La Voix des Sages

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Back to when I didn't know what reggae was all about, or any genre except for hip hop for that matter, Yannick Noah was my favorite reggae artist(he did more than reggae though). Yes he was ranked even above Bob Marley at the time.

That was to be expected though, my dad being a tennis fanatic and Noah being an ex tennis champion, pops would often blast his music.

Plus, at the time he was really poppin and more or else all my classmates were hooked. So much so that in P6 our classroom teacher asked us whether we would prefer performing another one of his songs, "les lionnes", or j'ai demandé à la lune" by Indochine. But tangent.

The song below is about following one's convictions, remembering to listen to one's elders and ancestors when one loses their way, and the chorus, well that's in English so, enjoy, back to binging my oldies playlist!

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  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Cool track. Never heard it before.

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