Yagaye, Yagaya, Rastafara ..... : A Freewrite Reggae Poetry.

in jahm •  last year  (edited)

Spitting it out, like a hot tamale
In a rush, with no hush
Non stop jam, beats hard as rock
Dope they say, as each chord they played
Lyrics already gave way to there tales
Rather woes, woes, woeful tales
Nothing to offer, nothing to say
Yagaye, Yagaya, empty brain.
Boys with no mentor, but many vendor
Pushing his diss, everywhere the corridor
No award for him, rubbish, rubbish is it
Wringling his head on stage, reggae must be played
A chord in style, a motion like Bob
Perhaps, the inspiration might come
The heavens said no, nothing
Empty brain, full of ganja smoke
Nothing to offer, nothing to say
Yagaye, Yagaya, empty brain.
Generations of hippies, gangster, niggas
Never looking back to learn
Bondaged and small minds
The feminine body for the screen
Twisting, twerking, naked dance, reggae style
That's what they've become now
The boys sing of girls, more money, more friends
Drugs, hood, spit nonsense, no clue
Nothing to offer, nothing to say
Yagaye, Yagaya, empty brain.
Would you rather wait, listen
Before climbing the stage, answer this
Do I anything to offer as music
Message, societal correction, life's lessons
A struggle to overcome, perhaps, a story
One that bows the heart of men in reasoning
If you don't, please go back home
Don't speak rubbish on the microphone.
An entry into @Mariannewest everyday freewrite.
I also wrote this due to the scarcity of good meaningful songs in the world, many artiste
don't have anything to offer anymore. Only few makes sense.

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@botefarm, As always beautiful work. If we can spread something good with our work or words then it's an Fulfillment aspect. Stay blessed.

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You got some talent there! Many of your words I agree with, a lot of the popular songs from all around the world are trash about some guy getting girls and showing off his wealth or how bad he is. The girls aren't much better. Resteemed.

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In part you are right, currently not all music offers a good message, I stay with the classics, they have a lot of feeling and expression, greetings, interesting your writing.

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