My 2 Jpud lighting Christmas from Venezuela ..

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Hello dear friends today we are starting the eve for Christmas, a time to celebrate sharing and feeling a very good and positive vibration today as all the beginning of the month is time to turn on our Jahm.

@crypticat initiativethrough the ignition you get
Some very IRIE votesIn addition to other benefits here I leave the post for more information friends ..

well here is my power on I have been lighting weekly and I plan to continue in it God through since I consider Reggaesteem a good Platform is quite reliable and every day I learn more about Jamaica its interesting traditions also from other countries where reggae has been transmitted ..

My favorite song to share with the community today is Jerusalem by Alpha Blondie

Blondy was born in Dimbokro, Ivory Coast on January 1, 1953 with the name of Seydou Kone. His grandmother, Cherie Coco, was mostly the one who raised him, teaching him the wisdoms of the Qur'an and the traditions of his people, the Dioula, based on religious tolerance and acceptance of all races. Alfa learned French from the Bible and English at school.

From this Reggae artist I love his desire for union and brotherhood not only reflected in his words but in the transmission channel he uses: language. He has lyrics in English, French, Yulá (his mother tongue), Hebrew and Arabic to get his music to people from all corners of the world.
through his songs he conveys peace, love, unity and hope ”..

God Bless you dear Friends Greetings from Venezuela ..

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Way to go, continue to stack and stake as jahmpow, the numbers are beginning to become more and more impressive as time rolls on

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hello Thank you, friend continued betting Thank God greetings

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Good one @mariluna, thanks for participating and see you around on New Years for the next Jahm Power Up Day!

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yes, true
in new year if cat goes ok see you jeeeeeee

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Visuals exceptional.
Working hard for jahm
will pay off in the future.
Stack is the word.
Voting power starting
to really climb.
Cat eyes 👀 in photo.

Hello dear super greetings thank you very much if that is the idea to grow God through ....

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@mariluna, This is really appreciable aspect and definitely this initiative became a trend on Steem Blockchain. Stay blessed.

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