JAHMIN Posts of The Week [Dec 1-8]

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Welcome to the JAHMIN Posts of the week. We have some really great content on ReggaeSteem these days and we would like to send a BIG Thank You to the entire community. We appreciate your effort.

It gets harder each week to choose which posts to feature. That is a good thing as that means the community and content is growing. From now on @super-irie will be giving his input on the JAHMIN posts of the week. With his help we will consolidate and present these posts to you.

Each week, we choose posts that we really feel stood out and had exceptional quality. In no particular order, here are the JAHMIN posts of the week.

Dec 1st-8th

One Of The Best 'Secret' Beaches In The World by @doitvoluntarily

@doitvoluntarily talks about one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica called Doctor's Cave Beach being on the best kept secret beaches list in the Caribbean.


Reggae Month Launch 2020 by @nivekpro

@nivekpro uploaded a video of the launch party of Reggae Month 2020, held in Kingston, Jamaica over the weekend. Very exclusive content here. Give it a watch.


The Healing Waters of Bath Fountain Jamaica by @mariluna

@mariluna has been on a roll with quality content. In this post she tells the past and present of a natural healing water spot called Bath Fountain.Mariluna also had a great post about Port Royal Jamaica).


So/Below - A Kool Reggae Band From Houston Texas by @dmilliz

@dmilliz showcases a Reggae band from Houston Texas called So/Below. Very cool music and story of how dmilliz discovered them.


Banda de Reggae "RIDDIM" Argentina haciendo buena música by @betzaelcorvo

@betzaelcorvo introduces us to a band from Argentina called Riddim. They have a real rootsy Reggae sound that blends well with Spanish lyrics.


The Appearance of the White Witch. Micro Story by @jadnven

@jadnven creates a modern day ghost story based on Annie Palmer, a Jamaican historical folklore. It is well written and we urge you to give it a read.


Why Does Glistening Waters - Luminous Lagoon of Jamaica Shine? by @josevas217

@jose breaks down the facts as to why Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon shine. You can tell he did his research.Here is the post he did about the blingy waters at first,then he was requested to break it down, hence this scientific post.



@miyard gives an unexpected but funny story about his dead coconut tree. Give it a read, it is sure to give you a laugh.


Reflection: why I do music? by @joseacabrerav

Screen Shot 20191208 at 7.27.03 PM.png
Jose tells his his reason for doing music in fine style with a performance/recording session. His chill vibrations show his confidence in his music journey.


The Garden of Eden and The Book of Job (APART) by @trincowski

In this APART post @trincowski links a fruit and vegetable shop called Garden of Eden with a song Neka called Job. Excellent APART post.


ReggaSteem has started an on-boarding initiative lead by @conradsuperb. The goal is to onboard Caribbean nationals or persons who have any relation to the region. Delegation opportunities and liquid JAHM incentives abound. Read more here.


ReggaseSteem's Proof of Stake begins on January 3rd 2020. A countdown timer can be seen on the ReggaeSteem.com website, here.

Detailed information on the JSNS Token can be read in the following post. Get to know the Token that will get you hotel stays in Negril, Jamaica.

ReggaeSteem Delegation ( New 5:1 JAHM /Steem delegation coming soon)

Delegate to ReggaeSteem and be fast tracked to be considered for the JAHM whitelist by @cryptitcat. ( You also need quality posts to be on this lists/auto-trail). Delegators also go on the ReggaeSteem curation trail where your non-JAHM/Reggae related posts are curated once per day up to 5 times per week with a percentage depending on your delegation amount. If you have already delegated to us and haven't seen the ReggaeSteem account voting your non-JAHM content, ( content not on ReggaeSteem), please contact us on discord. Steem from this curation trail is used for ReggaeSteem development like unlocking new features and staking Engine Tokens which is needed to keep ReggaeSteem up and running. At this point in time we are not offering any form of "dividends" type rewards for delegation.

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Thank you for being a part of this journey. We look forward to growing with you and bringing Reggae Culture and a nation onto the Steem blockchain.

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More and more users joining, this is a success.
And with talent, to improve little by little.
Thank you for the mention.
It continues to grow both in quantity and quality.

Thank you for your great content and positive vibe towards the community.
Indeed growing little by little and it is amazing to see. I can imagine the growth this time next year.

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I'm sure you do.
Many better days and months will come, with more movement in the feed.

It's come a long way these weeks.
That's good.
Perseverance ends up bearing fruit.

Resteemed and upvoted, this community keeps getting better and better each week!

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Agree! We gotta be thankful. The community is on a good path.

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Thank you friends for this beautiful mention God continue to bless you ...

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Nice art. would look good on my wall.
It seems your name ends up here often.
You really put in a lot of effort and it shows.
Keep inspiring.

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If the painting is very beautiful, it transmits the energy of Jamaica, thanks friends ..
my mother can attest to my effort I spend all day writing also my daughter sometimes I am between being a mother and steemit but delighted to do this job hugs from Venezuela ..

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Awesome features per usual. Love to see the expansion of users and quality of content continuing as expected. S/O to the entire reggaesteem tribe !!

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Awesome, thanks for picking up my post! 😊