Tokyo Governor Election 2020: Vote For Me I'm Naked 😳

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I have no idea what he wants to do, what he is talking about but he is one the candidates of Tokyo governor election. They are supposed to talk about their visions, what they want to do, what they want to accomplish for the city and people of Tokyo or whatever.

【NHK版】皇暦2680年西暦2020年 政見放送 東京都知事選挙 後藤輝樹 ごとうてるき

But this guy, TransHumanist?: Teruki Gotou is using this time for his fame? or own benefits?... probably for his own profit too...
It costs about $30,000 to be on this talk, which is not cheap, but he's probably got his money back and more from his YouTube videos.
He doesn't have many subscribers for his channel but some of his videos got viral and more than 1M views.
My youtube "friend" told me that he would get 1-5 cents per view. Payout might not be the same for Japanese YouTubers but I am pretty sure he will get a good chunk money from this shenanigan.

If this is the election now, next one will be a TikTok dance battle or something in 4 years.
Politics is so exiting, I can't wait for what's to come.

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why japanese is so weird

because japan is broken...


Who is this man? Comedian? I feel like never see him on TV.

i don't really know him but i think he is a wannabe comedian...

I always say it... not everybody is normal..whatever the case may be he has made a lot of money from just you tube.. other period will offer to interview him and he will definitely make more.
There is a level of madness you need to have to make money...

yeah... very strange but the same time i am interested in what he would do if got he elected lol